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F&B mean food and beverage. f&b is the short name of food and beverage and f&b is the main part of restaurant.

What is Flambe

what is flambe

Flambé is one the important matter in restaurant service. “FLAMBE” is name of one kind of cooking system. However, this cooking system is not available in many countries but Flambé cooking is very popular in French restaurants. Maximum peoples do not know about “FLAMBE” and it a big question to thousands of peoples that what […]

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What is Waitress?

Waitress is same to Waiter. Waitress and waiter is very important part of any Restaurant for serving foods to guests. Though, a waitress cannot make role and effective activities like a waiter but a waitress is definitely invaluable. Definition of Waitress: “Waitress is a woman who waits for guest, Take orders for foods from guests […]

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What is Waiter?

Waiter is common name in any Restaurant but many of us do not know the meaning of Waiter or Definition of Waiter. A Waiter is a main keyword of a restaurant and F&B section, without a waiter any Restaurant cannon ran. Because a waiter is always, be touch of guests. He is responsible for everything […]

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Health Benefits of Tamarind

Tamarind is a most popular fruits to thousands of peoples, basically women. Health Benefits of Tamarind are many with heart disease, Tamarind is very useful for various diseases though tamarind is fruits of spring, but Tamarind is available all time throughout the year. Prejudices About Tamarind: There are some prejudices about tamarind and many bodies […]

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