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F&B mean food and beverage. f&b is the short name of food and beverage and f&b is the main part of restaurant.

Fast Food and Health

Fast Food is a big question How to be healthy in the present world because fast food is one of the important prevention to be healthy. Effects of Fast food on Health is very dangerous. Fast Food and Health is a common and a big topic to thousands of peoples. Actually, Fast Food is not […]

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What is the Banquet

What is Banquet? It is common question to many people’s why are unaware about Banquet Hall. Many people’s want to know the proper meaning and definitions of Banquet. Now I am talking about Banquet. What is the Banquet? Banquet is a large catering activity department where food & beverage are served for pre-arranged number of […]

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What Is F&B?


What Is F&B ? F&B-Food and Beverage. F&B is the most useful and popular word in the all over the world. But many people’s don’t know the meaning of F&B and don’t know what F&B is?   F= Food & B= Beverage. F&B Mean Food and Beverage. F&B is short mane of food and beverage. […]

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Classification of Guest

Now I will tell about the classification of Guest in F&B. There are many guests in F&B but they have a class and I want to present it in front you as Guest classification. You can tell it definition of guest class. Guest is the main key of (F&B) Food & Beverage Section. A Restaurant […]

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What is Guest’s Senses

Guest Sense is one of the most important matters to all F&B Service holders. When a Guest Enter in your hotel or Restaurant then he/she always expect some things and Look for Special things According to his/her mind. He/she may expect a Special Service, Good smell Of the Environment and Food, A Smart Waiter and […]

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Reception About F&B and Restaurant


Reception, This part is very important for a Restaurant of Hotel, without reception no Hotel or Restaurant can be nice or Perfect in proper Curtsey. You may be want to find the Definition of reception or may ask what Reception is? What is reception it is a major common question to many peoples who don’t […]

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What is Course

Course, it is a very important word in F&B Section. Do you the meaning of “Course”?  If yes then okay but if not then read the full article of the post to know about course. Course is meaning every individual item of Food. You can tell another way that “Every individual item of Food is […]

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Kind of Glasses in F&B

kind of Glasses

There are many kind of Glasses in a Restaurant. Basically Water Glasses to Wean Glasses every type of Drinks is served in different glasses and each of them has a different name. Water cannot be served in wine Glasses and Wean cannot be served in water or Ice tea Glass. So, If you want to be stay in […]

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