Classification of Guest

Now I will tell about the classification of Guest in F&B.

There are many guests in F&B but they have a class and I want to present it in front you as Guest classification. You can tell it definition of guest class.

Guest is the main key of (F&B) Food & Beverage Section. A Restaurant and F&B Section totally stands and depends on Guest. Without Guest F&B or a Restaurant is worthless as well as a shop or any kind of Business. A Business can not run without its valued client. If you open a shop it also cannot run without client or buyer.

Same things happen with F&B. F&B also cannot run without (client) Guest. But those Guests has a classification, there are many type of guest in F&B, not only in F&B but also in all kind of business.

So, now we will introduce with classification of Guest in F&B.


Classification of Guest:

There are many kind of Guest in F&B but I write about Major Class of Guest:

A. Business People:
All kind of Business man and business peoples are including in the list. Business peoples are very important as F&B guest.

B. Transit Passengers:

In this list all kind of transit passengers, Traveler are includes. In F&B Transit passengers are important as a large number Guest.

C. Airlines Crew:
Airlines Crew and Airlines related peoples are in the list .


D. Diplomats / Delegations: Diplomatic and Delegate type of peoples are in the list.

E. Students: All students are here in this list.

F. Patients: Patients, Old Peoples are in this list.

G. Sport & Cultural Trope: Sport & Cultural peoples are the part of the list. And they are also a good number Guest.

H. Functional Peoples: All kind of Functional Peoples is including in this list.

I. Family:  Family, Couple, Relatives peoples are in the list.

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