F&B Mean Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Hello all, I am here to talking about F&B. If you know that the meanings of F&B then okay but if don’t know then know it.

F&B mean Food & Beverage. It is the main element of a Restaurant. Actually a Restaurant stands on Food and Beverage. Without Food and Beverage nobody can think about Restaurant.

F&B is the short name of Food & Beverage. In a Restaurant or in a Hotel all kind of Food and all kind of Beverage is F&B.
Actually, The Definition of F&B is large meaning. In all Restaurant F&B section is the Heart of the Restaurant. Man can not live without his/her own Heart as well as a Restaurant can not shine and lasting without a good F&B Section.

There are a lot of peoples all over the world work in F&B section and F&B service. If you want to buildup your career in F&B section then you have to know more and more about F&B Service, F&B Section, F&B Rules, Terms and Condition of F&B.

F&B is a Hospitality job and I think its value not less than a hospital. And all over the world Hotel and Restaurant Jon is 2nd number position of hospitality job.
Many peoples of the world thought that F&B job is a lower or small work where is no respect and no reputation but basically to literate and a aware peoples F&B Job is the best job in the category of hospitality job.

There are a lot opportunity to get Green card of many developed country for the F&B job holders like Canada, Australia, USA, UK,UAE etc.

So, you can build you career in the field of F&B and you must have a good and expert on F&B and you have to know More and more on about F&B, F&B service, F&B Food, F&B Department, its rules, condition and many more.

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