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Sonakshi sinha weight loss has attracted a greater audience including those that criticized her over time. She had always looked heavy to the extent that it became a matter of great concern to those in the entertainment industry. Sonakshi sinha weight loss made her extremely satisfied with her new look after her decision to follow in her parents footsteps back in 2010. After some tremendous changes and modifications, she managed to lose up to 30 kilos which lead to her debut film Dabangg in the year 2010. This was later to be decorated the best film of the year by Bollywood. It was not easy for sonakshi sinha weight loss program to be able to burn sufficient fat from her body due to her negative attitude and dislike of the gym and always wanted to run away from it, but all that became history the day she pulled herself up together and made her mind that it was high time to turn the tables around.

Sonakshi sinha’s motivation reducing weight

The success of sonakshi sinha weight loss plan was due to some tremendous modifications and a change of some of the things that she used to do which include eating unhealthy foods and never participated in any exercise program.It grew so worse to the point that no clothes in her country of India could fit her anymore and sonakshi sinha heard to start importing them from outside India.This was the turning point and it greatly motivated her to join a fitness program something that led to the success of sonakshi sinha weight loss program.

sonakshi sinha weight lossThings sonakshi sinha adopted to help burn out fat and loose excess weight

Sonakshi sinha began taking part in swimming, cycling, did cardio and other functional training. In addition she started playing tennis, did some weight training and then she would go ahead and do hot yoga every three days a week, all of which acted as a recipe to her sequel. For better results to maintain sonakshi sinha weight loss and her new body tone, all this had to be done initially from twice a week, to four times then finally five times each week. All what sonakshi sinha needed was one hour and a half each day from beginning to the end.It seemed quite impossible in the beginning because she had to change some of her life style, all the kinds of unhealthy foods that sonakshi sinha had to stop eat and gravitated towards a balanced diet regiment that finally made her achieve her dreams.

Sonakshi sinha weight loss diet plan

sonakshi sinha weight loss planHer trainer recommended the following in her diet by ensuring that she was eating healthy, coupled with regular exercise. Some of the ways that sonakshi sinha weight loss was going to work included;

  • To reduce foods with high carbohydrate and supplement it with a high protein diet.
  • To drink many cups of green tea each day.
  • To always stay hydrated by taking as much water as possible.
  • To eat small portions of meals every three hours in a day. 

Contents of sonakshi sinha weight loss diet plan

  • Whole wheat toast or cereals and milk for breakfast.
  • A cup of green tea and dry fruits every mid-morning.
  • Lunch included sabz with salad and roti that was made at home.
  • A cup of green tea or a fruit was to be taken every evening.
  • Early dinner comprised of only food rich in protein.
  • She never took carbohydrates anytime it got past six pm every day.
  • Her knowledge on the fact that she stood a chance of regaining back her weight made her stronger, resilient, dedicated and even more persistent and stick to her exercise regimen.
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