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food and beverage service

Do you want to know How to Make A good Service ?

F&B= Food & Beverage. food and beverage service depend on some tricks, mainly Service Style of a Waiter/Waitress. If their service will be perfect then its reputation will be store in mouth of maximum Gust of this restaurant. But if their service will delay and poor quality then it also store in mouth of majority guest.
And as a result the reputation of a Restaurant will be undergone and it will destroy soon.
So, according to me some important points have to follow all of food and beverage service holder.

Important point of food and beverage service: 

A.      Standard of Guest:

B.      Time:

C.      Number of Guest:

D.      Ability ranged of staff & Equipment:

E.       Type of Menu:

1. Standard of Guest:  In food and beverage service, First you have to follow the standard of the guest and mind of the Guest. Basically a Good F&B Service holder easily understand the mind of his/her guest.

2.Time:  Time is the must important part of a good service. Guest may order many foods have don’t want to give more time them how could you serve them?

So, you have to confirm the guest about your expected time to cook Food for the guest. You can tell them that “we serve fresh Food so we need some time to prepare it properly and it may take about 30 min or 50 min or 1 hour (Your expected time). And you have to try to serve the food on time otherwise your guest may furious and angry to you. If it really happens that your guests don’t want to wait more and leave your restaurant then what will you do?

3.Number of Guest: Number is Guest is also another r important thing in food and beverage service . Try to understand and fell that Guest’s order for Food and their Number is Sufficient or Huge or Low? If you feel that Food if enough for them then okay but if you think that it is not Enough or it is Huge then Tell it to your guest. Otherwise the guest may accuse you for huge Food or Not Enough Food. And you have to arrange other Equipments for perform a good sevice.

4. Ability ranged of staff & Equipment: This point is very important to you because you cannot serve you best without Ranged of Staff and Equipments. So, have to confirm about your Ranged of Staff and Equipments that have you enough Staff and Equipment or not, If not then try to manage it as soon as possible.

5.Type of Menu:  Type of Menu is also a hard point because what kind of Food guest order you know and you have to arrange Equipments and other things that is will serve inside your food.
So, type of Food is very important to all food and beverage service holders.  If your  guest order for tea then you cannot serve coffee or you cannot serve Tea in a Mug of Coffee.

If you follow the post properly then I am hopeful that you may make a good and worm atmosphere in your guest and service area by making a good food and beverage service.

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