How to Change your duty shift

We are human begins. We may have many problems in our daily life. So, we may face to change our daily schedule in our working place or in office.
So, if you want to change your Duty Shift in any restaurant then you have to maintain some important rules to change the duty schedule.
Now you may ask that what are rules of changing duty schedule or How to change duty schedule?
If you want to change your duty shift than please inform supervisor or Manager first before 5 day of your changing activation day. You may explain why you want to change you duty shift if possible. If not then tell him/her that is your personal problem or a technical problem.
If they give you permission then you should be noted the matter in Shift “Changing Book”.

So, you can change your duty schedule or duty shift easily by follow the above reels if you think that the changing is very important and early then tell your Supervisor or Manager about your problem.
I think if you can manage your boss then nothing is impossible for you in your office or in your restaurant.
There are many restaurant in Bangladesh but a few number of restaurant and management follow the real rules of F&B.
However, wish you that you will follow that rules of F&B.

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  2. I want to change my duty shift but i don’t know how?
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