How to serve Foods in Room

Room service is one of the most important matters in hotel and to all waiter/waitress. If you want to improve your hotel business then you must have to improve your room service quality. In addition, you must appoint some skilled waiter for the Room Service duty.

How to serve in Room:

After submit your Kitchen Order Token (KOT) in kitchen, you may complete some important task for your room service.

You can ready Glasses, China, Ashtray, Napkins, Salt & peppershakers for your guest which will be needed in your service.
When the Foods of your guest are ready, then done those jobs properly with proficiency, which is below:

Prepare Tray & Trolley:

Prepare the tray and trolley as per order of the foods. If you think that the food/meal quantity is small then you can use only Tray.
But if the food quantity big then you must use trolley to serve those foods in your guests room.

Proceed with passkey:

Proceed to the guest room (where you have to serve those foods) with passkey.
Please keep in your minds that never proceed to your guest room to serve food or any other reasons without passkey.

Knock the Door & Wait:

Knock the door of your guest and announce “Room Service Sir”, and wait for response of your guest.
When your guest response (Please come in), then open the door by using Passkey.
(Note: Never enter to your guest room without response or permission)

Place your Tray or Trolley:

After get in to your guest room, place your tray or trolley in an appropriate place. So that, you can serve or your guest can serve foods themselves easily.

Request to Call You:

Request to your guest to call you for cleaning the dirty, when their meal will be finished.

Wish your Guest:

Wish your guest some magic words/language like, have a nice Dinner/Lunch/breakfast sir ect, and come outside from the guest room by shutting the door gently and slowly.

Your guest may call you after finished their meal, just go to the room as same way of best room service tips above, clean the dirty, and come out.

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