Important Tips for F&B (Service) Hall Staff

There are some important tips and knowledge for F&B service staff and Hall Staff, which is very very important for all Hall staff who is involved with F&B profession.

Those tips or knowledge have to follow and have to maintain properly to be a good F&B Staff. Moreover, those tips are very important and must be follow in your F&B, Hotel or Restaurant business or Profession.

F&B Service Tips:

Food & Beverage service and F&B profession is a very interesting and Hospitality profession in the world, and that is why there are some tips and rules about them so that it can be more effective and awesome.

Now I am going to mention some important tips and matter that should be follow and should not done in the F&B service area and have to keep in mind of all F&B hall staff below:

  • Never stands in a group or make than people at your station.
  • Always greet guests with smiling face and cordially.
  • Never wipe anything in front of the guest.
  • Avoid discussing with cash other in front of the guests.
  • Do not put your hand in your pocket during service period.
  • Do not show you are in hurry in front of the guests.
  • Never eating anything during service time.
  • Never argue with gests.
  • If any guest doing anything wrong, than try to control yourself have keep in your mind that, Guest is always right.
  • Never gossiping with someone in the Service area.
  • Don’t show anything to your guests by using your finger.

Those above tips are very important for F&B service and F&B hall staff. If anyone broke this above then there is probability to create any problem among your guests.

So, try to follow those Tips for F&B service staff and F&B Hall Staff and make your service more easy and more standard in your guests.

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