Kind of Glasses in F&B

kind of Glasses

There are many kind of Glasses in a Restaurant. Basically Water Glasses to Wean Glasses every type of Drinks is served in different glasses and each of them has a different name. Water cannot be served in wine Glasses and Wean cannot be served in water or Ice tea Glass. So, If you want to be stay in F&B department or food and beverage service then you must have to know about Different shorts of Glasses and have know its proper use. Now I am Talking about some important glasses name.

Kind of Glasses in F&B:

  1. High Ball Glass
  2. Ice Tea Glass
  3. Collins Glass
  4. Old Fashioned Glass on the rock Glass
  5. Beer Glass
  6. Beer glasses are two kind like
  7. Large Glass/ Beer Mug
  8. Beer Tankard.

There are more Glasses without above glasses like:

  1. Red Wean Glass.
  2. White Wean Glass.
  3. Soft Drink Glass and many more.

So, you have to know the proper use of each kind of glasses because if you don’t it then you cannot use it properly. I think you cannot serve Ice tea in a Beer glass. What do you think?

To perform a good and attractive service at F&B you have to utilize your equipments. Otherwise you service never improve and you will face problem all time in your F&B service.

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