Mise en Place

mise en place

Mise en Place! It is an Imagine name to thousands of peoples, who are involved in F&B Job or F&B service.  Mise en Place is one of the great and very important parts of F&B or for any restaurant all over the world.

However, according to me, if anyone wants to show or want to be great with F&B profession then he/ she has to must know What is Mise en Place?

There are some important points of Mise-en-Place, and every F&B service holder, F&B business holder and Restaurant owner have to know about Mise-en-Place properly.


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Actually, another name of Mise en Place is preparation of service area. To prepare your service are properly, you have to do those work and have to follow this Mise en Place tips below:

part of mise-en-place

Cleaning of premises (Dining Room/Coffee Shop:

Have to cleaning of premises properly, like Floor, windows, toilets and every useful things and place. Like:

  • Opening Windows
  • Vacuuming Floors
  • cleaning guests toilets
  • cleaning windows
  • cleaning plants
  • Removing any dirty equipment or line etc.

Cleaning you of Equipment and Utensils:

Have to clean all kind of crockery, cutlery, glassware and every useful Utensil. Like:

  • Cleaning and checking all crockery, cutlery, glassware & usual small utensils.
  • Preparing and filling sideboards.
  • Filling condiments container (Salt, pepper, mustard, oil, vinegar etc)

Counter, Still Room and Dispense Bar:

Have to check everything like:

  • Checking ice cube machine, coffee machine etc
  • Renewing beverage stock
  • Renewing linen stock
  • Preparing butter
  • Checking bread/pastry order etc.

Tables Layout:

Have to fix table layout and check it properly. Like:

  • Checking table plan
  • checking and placing table cloth
  • Laying tables according to breakfast or dinner
  • Arranging flowers etc

Final preparation and Checking:

Finally have to check everything of your setup and preparation properly.

  • Checking table reservations and layout
  • Checking sideboards, ice, water, condiments etc
  • Checking K.O.T (Kitchen Order Token)/ Restaurant order
  • checking individual equipment (bottle opener, matches, pen, service cloth etc)

So, if you want to build you best F&B career with F&B Profession or have to start F&B/Restaurant Business then, I think you have to know about F&B service, F&B and F&B Mise-en-Place properly to gain a best reputation all over the world.

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