Reception About F&B and Restaurant


Reception, This part is very important for a Restaurant of Hotel, without reception no Hotel or Restaurant can be nice or Perfect in proper Curtsey. You may be want to find the Definition of reception or may ask what Reception is? What is reception it is a major common question to many peoples who don’t know about reception. It is also a part of F&B Service.

Reception is part of a Hotel and restaurant and it is Very very important in F&B Section as well as other Office. “Reception is where Guest will receive with a worm reception and remember that impression is the best impression.”

The Job of reception Department is very large and important because if you are able to impress your guests in the first time then your Guest always comes in your Restaurant to get a worm reception and a very good behavior. But if your first time reception will not good then your guest will think more than one times to come again in your Hotel or Restaurant.
Basically Reception is the Door of a Hotel or restaurant it is according to me. A Restaurant or a hotel can get more guests by its reception on the other hand a restaurant or hotel can lost its large number of guest for the responsibility of reception.
Some times reception can use some magic word or magic language to the guest to come again to this place or to the Restaurant or Hotel. A good Reception Section has a good demand all over the world.

So, if you can or if you want to then you can build up you career in the Reception Section and if you do it then I can just say that you will get a better life and better working place.

I think if you do not have idea of about Reception section then you don’t know the Juice of joy in this section if you start the job in this section under F&B Section, In a Restaurant or in a Hotel then you will  face a  ton of joy every time , every moment. And you can Enjoy your work as well as your Life.

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