Restaurant Captain

Restaurant Captain is one of the very important Character of Restaurant or F&B Department.

A Restaurant Captain do many thing to develop Restaurant / F&B service, Guests satisfaction, making warm environment etc.

No res restaurant or F&B department can run properly or cannot provide good service to guests without a Captain in restaurant.

What is Captain?

What is Captain? It is a common question to many peoples who do not know the meaning of Captain or don’t know what is Captain/ what is Restaurant Captain.

Captain is a Designation that bears an important role in any organization.
Basically, Restaurant Captain bear a very important role to satisfied Guests, Make sure F&B service, Make sure Order of the Guests, Food and many other important matter.

A Restaurant Captain controls all Waiter/ Waitress in a restaurant and follows the order of higher officer.

If we analyze the words of “CAPTAIN” then we will find some important and useful meaning of CAPTAIN.

Meaning of Captain:

I show the Meaning of the “CAPTAIN” below:

C= Capability
A= Attributes
T= Tactfulness

So, form the above meanings of the words of “CAPTAIN” we may understand the importance and Meaning of Captain.

Responsibility of Restaurant Captain:

A Restaurant Captain bear many important and very useful character in a restaurant /F&B department.

Responsibility of a Captain is below:

  1. Daily reporting time before 30 minutes of real duty time (opening time).
  2. Fully responsible for any reservation.
  3. Have to give the briefing 2 minutes before 15 Minutes opening hours (Lunch/Dinner).
  4. Making the sifting & duty roster for Asst. waiter, waiter & Sr. waiter.
  5. Have to checking the daily attendance sheet of Asst. waiter, Waiter & Senior Waiter/ waitress.
  6. Any suggestion for improving Business Captain should write to the Hall In-charge of Hall Supervisor.
  7. Have to check daily necessary papers for Asst. waiter/ waitress, waiter & Sr. waiter/waitress.
  8. Have to ready weekly broken list.
  9. Have to written daily work permit for Asst. waiter/ waitress, waiters/ waitress & Sr. waiters/ waitress.
  10. Have to check personal hygiene, K.O.T & B.O.T, Punctuality, Guests dealing, courtesy, behavior, performance of service etc.

So from the above point, we can say that, the Captain’s responsibility or work of a Captain is many. A restaurant Captain completes many important tasks in F&B department/ Restaurant.

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