Secret Enemy of Your Heart

Heart ! this is a name of parts of Human Body. Heart is very valuable to every man or women’s we know. But we don’t know what is good for our Heart and what is bad for our Heart.

If your heart works as good then you are also fine and well but if you feel something wrong in your heart then you never be fine.

So, all of us have to take proper care of our Heart.

There are many habit and foods which is very harmful for our heart and there are also some food and habit which is very good for our heart.

Today I will talk about some Secret enemy of our Heart. Those secret enemy’s are responsible for damage our heart. So, be aware about your heart and be happy with long life.

Secret Enemy of Heart:

We do many things to get pleasure and we never know that what is we doing one by one, all of them are very bad and harmful for our heart.

As a result, one a time, we may face Heart disease and then we may face Heart Attack.

Now I am telling some points, which are very dangerous secret enemy for our heart. Therefore, according to me, we should avoid those habit and practice to be healthy and to keep our heart strong and healthy. To get a Healthy Heart follow below :

Secret Enemies of your Heart is below:

  • Watching TV, using Desktop or Laptop Computer long time.
  • Keep hypertension of frustration in your mind.
  • Make sound in the sleep (snore).
  • Having oily food and unhygienic food and rich food, like Fast Food.
  • Avoid clean your teeth by brush. (Have to clean teeth, it is must).
  • Keep yourself in a room maximum time. It is very bad habit.
  • Ignore the importance of physical exercise.
  • Having more hard drinks (Alcoholic Beverage).
  • Over eating.
  • Ignorance of taking care of health. Many people’s think that “I am well so not need to take care of health), never think it please.
  • Avoid eating Red Meat.
  • Eating those foods, which will increase Blood pressure, Cholesterol in your blood.
  • Do Smoking more and more.
  • Avoiding Fruits and vegetable.
  • Avoid small sickness in your body.
  • Having extra salt.
  • Having food of more calories then nutrias food.

Above point s are very bad for heart, so, try to avoid them to be healthy and keep your heart well and healthy.

Author: Ahmed

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  1. Thanks for Comment in the Food and Health Blog!
    Heart is the main thing, that keep us healthy, fresh, physically and mentally well.
    So, All of us should take care of our heart very well.
    So, we cannot attract by any heart disease or in heart attack risk.

  2. The heart never rests. This means it takes extra work to repair properly. Eating the right foods, rich in nutrients that repair tissue damage, will give it the best ability to have a long and healthy life.

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