Tea Can Reduce Heart Attack Risk

Benefits of having tea are many. Tea, it is a most popular name in the world. About 95% peoples love to have tea for be physically and mentally refreshment. Tea is one of the most popular and important Beverage which can fresh your mind and brain easily. We are having many kind of tea every day like, Green Tea, black tea, tea of lemon, tea of ginger, tea of honey, milk tea, ice tea etc. But Green tea, black tea, tea of lemon, tea of ginger, tea of honey is very effective for your physical and mental health as well as your heart. All are works to keep your heart and brain healthy.

We have a cup of tea when we feel our brain and mental tiredness. A cup of tea can easily produce a lot of energy in our mind and brain and for the reason we feel very fresh after having tea.

Tea with milk has no benefits for the mental, physical and brain health as well as heart. Tea has an important element it’s called “Flavonoids” which have an extra ordinary power to decrease Heart Attack Risk. But if you combine your tea with milk then the important element “Flavonoids” becomes powerless. As a result tea cannot help your mind, brain and heart to improve, to fresh and keep healthy. So, According to many health specialists, everybody has to take tea without milk.

Tea Reduce Heart Attack Risk:

Recently research show an extra ordinary evidence against benefits of tea, which commit in the “Herbert Medical” of United States that tea has a most effective element named “Flavonoid” and it is very helpful for heart and it can keep your heart strong. Flavonoid can reduce heart attack risk. In a cup of tea has a lot of Flavonoid which can reduce heart attack risk about more than 44%.

So, Benefits of tea are very imagining. If anyone have a good habit to have tea regularly then he/she can protect his/her heart easily by having “Flavonoids”. Please keep in your mind than to keep your heart healthy and reduce Heart Attack Risk your must avoid tea with milk and have to take green tea, black tea, tea of lemon, tea of ginger etc. But don’t have more tea, excess is very bad, if have over quantity of tea then you may face sleeplessness. So, having of tea should measurable.

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  1. Yeah! I agree with you. Tea can reduce heart attack risk.

  2. Tea is amazing for your health. Green tea is full of antioxidants and is a natural way to cleanse and fight bacteria. Having a warm cup of tea every morning is refreshing and will stimulate you mentally.

  3. In India “tea” is special drink for everyone.But they never know that “tea can reduce heart attack rate”.
    Thank you for giving this information.I really suggest my friends to read this article.

  4. Tea is really good for health.but here its too hot .

  5. TEA IS GOOD that we know already but is there any tea that can help to reduce weight . plz let me know this.

  6. Herbal tea is very beneficial. They are useful in various diseases too.

  7. For those willing to pay for tea at a grocery or convenience store, I’ve found that Arizona Green Tea with ginseng and honey is delicious, and being a green tea variety should have a lot of health benefits, including anti-oxidants.

  8. Tea is good as a beverage for a sickly person. I can help build defense and boost our immune system. When drinking tea, it can stimulate your mind and can think clearly.

  9. grean tea amzing for health of eveyone.it also reduce fat from body.thanks for nice post

  10. I could say that the best tea of all is green tea. It really gives you a lot of health benefits. One way to have a healthy lifestyle is drink a cup of tea daily. 😉

  11. I recently found out White Tea is very underestimated. It keeps body young.

  12. Green tea is extremely healthy for you. It’s much better for you than drinking a cup of coffee as well. No matter what starbucks says!

  13. Although i drink very less amount of tea but after reading your post regarding the benefits of tea i am thinking of increasing the quantity. Thank you for sharing this helpful information online.

  14. In addition to the findings of western medicine, Chinese Medicine has a lot of information to back up the evidence that certain types of tea can be very beneficial for various conditions.

  15. Great article on the benefits of tea. Some of my favorites are green tea made with small young tea leaves, tea with camomile and all types of flower teas. The benefits are very similar to those found in some so called supper fruits, specially supper fruit extracts.

  16. Tea can work wonders and has a lot of health benefits. This has been known for centuries.

  17. A very informative article about the benefits of tea. I do love to drink green tea. I have one green tea flavored with basil leaves. If this is drunk when I have a cold, then it reduces congestion.

  18. I love tea and drink atleast 3 glasses per day. Recently one of my friends was speaking bout green tea. But I dint like it very much. Does green tea also have such benefits?

  19. Yeah! Green tea also has more benefits then normal tea. Green tea reduce Heart Attack risk.

  20. If you consume about 5 cups of green tea daily, you have a 26 % lesser risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. This has been proven. Green tea contains polyphenol and anti-oxidants, which inhibit coronary thrombosis. It prevents atherosclerosis by preventing oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

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