Watermelon in the Summer

Watermelon is one of the best, delicious and healthy foods. But Watermelon can fulfill you the requirement of your cold drinks in the summer season.  Watermelon! Yeah I have got the real test of Watermelon in two days ago. I went to celebrate the bangle New Year festival with my friends and when I feel thirsty very badly I not founding a Glass of water beside me. Then   I have found Watermelon in front me and I have taken some Watermelon to relieve my thirsty. I have make some Photography of Watermelon for publishing in my Food Blog. Watermelon also a healthy fruits all time and delicious and it’s have a good nutrition for the health.

So, I suggest you that if you get thirsty in the summer and if you do not find Water beside you then you can relieve your thirsty by having some Watermelon. Watermelon relieves the requirement of Water or Cold drinks. And you also serve Watermelon to you Guests.

Watermelon is available in Bangladesh with a cheap rate, because in Bangladesh Watermelon cultivation is available.  In every street of Dhaka city and other city of Bangladesh you find the shop beside many streets of many fruits.
So, don’t forget about the Watermelon that can make you fresh, health and can relieve you from thirsty in the summer season.

Author: Ahmed

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  1. I absolutely love watermelon in summer. It is so refreshing and it is also really good for you. I make a lot of drinks using it as well. Great summer food.

  2. I cannot wait till summer because i want a Watermelon!

    maybe i go to italy:)

    there they have big melons:D

  3. Watermelon is a delicious food. I like it.

  4. I love water melon,and it is one of the best food in the summer.thank you for the valuable suggestion.Thanks again for the nice post.

  5. Watermelon is thought to have originated in southern Africa, where it is found growing wild, because it reaches maximum genetic diversity there, resulting in sweet, bland and bitter forms.

  6. watermelon juice is the best way to beat the summer heat.Not only that. The benefits of watermelon make it a preferred choice for a healthy diet. Try a watermelon diet — eat watermelon and slim down if you need to lose weight.

  7. Cant wait to grow these babys in the summer, they’re delicious… thanks for the post!!!

  8. I really really love Watermelon, specially I had a lot f watermelon when I traveled to South Asia…. I really enjoyed that taste specially during hot seasons..

  9. Watermelon really represents joy and intimacy of summer. It really eradicates every thirst on your mouth and gives a flavorful juice which can full your stomach against hunger.

  10. Growing conditions for watermelons include lots of sunshine during the day and warm nights and watermelon is a warm season vegetable.

  11. delicious Food !!! Miamm miammmm

  12. Watermelon is great, it’s all my kids eat when we have some at home. Unfortunately it doesn’t grow in these parts and is only available in stores for about one month out of the year.

  13. Watermelon is an incredible fruit, for the sizes you able to achieve, you can feed an entire family.

  14. the pic look delicious..hehe=)

  15. Watermelon has very good nutrition properties. I like the details you have given about watermelon. I like watermelon juice a lot. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  16. I like water melon as it is very delicious but be careful not to drink water after eating water melon. medically proved

  17. Hello! I have saw your link posted. Your post are very informative, and can add to my blogging and internet journey. God bless.

  18. Thanking you so much for visiting the Food Blog.
    I would be happy if you do it.

    Food Blog

  19. I do love fruits but watermelon is definitely my favorite. It is exceptionally tasty and sweet. I wonder why it is not good to drink watermelon after eating it. I’ll just gonna google it. Thanks for this post. I’ll keep visiting for more of your posts.

  20. Watermelon is a delicious fruit, and i am definitly waiting summer to eat some.

  21. I love watermelon, water melon shake is my family’s favorite.

  22. Watermelon is good in Summers. One should eat at regular basis for good health. Great info and tips about watermelon.

  23. Due to the various health benefits of watermelon, it is used all over the world on salads and to garnish buffet decorations at 5 star hotels! I think water melon is available at a cheap price in most of the Asian countries!

  24. Watermelon is one of the best fruit in summer which fulfill the water level in your body. If you eat watermelon in the summer then you never face the dehydration problem.

  25. I agree with you. Recently one of my dietician friend told me that watermelon has very good nutritional properties. I think it is a good idea to eat watermelon in the summer.

  26. Greetings.

    I am a watermelon nut. During the summer I eat about 2 a week. Eating lighter meals and a heavy amount of fruit keeps me “flushed” all summer. Watermelon is an excellent diuretic just do not eat before bed or you will not sleep.

    Now a day there is something keeping me from watermelon–the cost!!! why is a watermelon 6 dollars?!

  27. I like watermelon a lot and eat watermelon whenever I can. I like watermelon juice more and I have a habit of drinking watermelon juice or orange juice right after my gym workout.

  28. Watermelon is 90% water. So, if you get real thirsty and need a a refreshment but no drinks could be found, eating a slice of watermelon would fill your thirst. It is fun to eat too with the kids. The never ending “shoot the seed” game will be enjoyed by the whole family in the heat of the summer.

  29. watermelon grows in different warm countries in tons but there s really need to write about. i like your site coz you have unique articles.thanks

  30. watermelons in the summer and ice cold
    is the best thing to eat.

    do you know that a watermelon is a vegetable

  31. Watermelons are the best on hot summer days. Great memories with the family.

  32. You have given some good details about watermelon juice. I think it is an excellent idea to drink watermelon juice during summer. I drink watermelon juice in summer but I also like to mix it with orange juice and the taste is awesome.

  33. Yeah, You can mix Watermelon with some others food like Orange, Apple no problem.
    The mixed Food juice also very nice, healthy and delicious.

  34. I remember the way mom used to cut large pieces of watermelon and save them for me and give the remaining to the family, cause she’d know how much i loved to eat that fruit… anyway coming to the topic, Yeah watermelon is not only a delicious fruit but very healthy to cause it consist of 90% of water.

  35. When buying precut watermelon, look for deep color, dark seeds with flesh firmly attached to seeds (unless it’s seedless), and sweet, fruity fragrance.

  36. Watermelon it help us the body to get cool it was good our eyes also i like it very much

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