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What about food?  Food protects your life and helps you to alive. If you think about food and Life you will be wondered that how imagine it is and you have agree that Food for Life. When you having delicious and rich Food on the other hand someone crying and asking Give me Food or begging that Give Me the Food. Ever you think about those peoples who try to build up your Home and Business with their physical power? I agree that you paid money or food for the work but I want to say that you also know that you have not paid enough for the work or job.
However, I am writing the post Named What about Food in my Food Blog. I think all of us will be agree that we do everything for Food, Shelter and for better life. But a little child who is really a smell boy lives beside your home what is aim of hem/her? Is he/she can survive like you and me?  Ever you’ve know about the boy? Probably not! And you had never tried to help the boy as well as the poor peoples who don’t have solvency to buy rich and delicious food like you and lead a luxurious life like you. You may help someone helpless by your wealth you can give some Food and Shelter if you want. When someone asking that Give me Food, Give me The Food then you can give his/her answer by providing some food. Food is only for life it may you, me or our life.

What do you think? What about Food to you? According to history that human can do everything for food and shelter. Many wars were happened for the reason of Food, Life and Shelter in all over the world.

Look at the picture, there are two photo someone make it one photo by Photoshop. See the photo very carefully and attentively please. What do you found? When I find it in Face book First time my eyes was very wet.

The first photo is about having food in luxurious style and those foods were not only delicious but also most rich in the world.

And the 2nd  photo is about a little boy who taking food from dustbin beside road.

What about Food to you? The child has no right to get food, shelter, education and other fundamental needs? I think Food and Life is related very effectively so we can deny the real true. Can you show me only one life that can be live without food? All of us have agree that Food for life.

I think there are many things to learn from the above picture. First of all, we should not waste Food, because your wastage food can save a life from die.
What about Food when millions of peoples crying for Food, begging, shouting and asking that Give me Food! Give me the Food then how can we waste our food?

So, please come forward to help the helpless peoples, come with Food to give someone who has no way to buy food, make a way to new shelter to Homeless peoples.

Think about Food and Life and please avoid the bad habit of wasting food.


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Author: Ahmed

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  1. Hello

    I saw the above photograph and this photo is very touching, first time my eyes was very wet. Food is very important for our life.
    I just say please understand the importance of food in life.

    Thank you

  2. If only government have funds for those homeless people,

  3. Thanks for sharing,keep your greet info.

  4. Looking at the second picture made me saddened about the food and nutrient sufficiency faced by some people in the world.

  5. Thank you fro useful tutorial.I will use this info in my blog for sure.

  6. There are many people who lives in different countries who do not have enough food to eat. Children go to school without breakfast, families struggle to put enough on the table to go around, and people sleeping rough can’t always get what they need to stay healthy. And yet, some fortunate people, just throw and waste their food in the bin, wihout thinking ” How about those less fortunate who has nothing to eat?”

  7. It’s so sad to see children struggle like this. It’s not their fault and more people need to help in these causes.


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