What is Buffet

Buffet is a self service system of dining in restaurant or parties. Buffet is a very popular system of food service in any party or restaurant. Buffet is also an important thing of F&B. But many people as well as many f&b staff doesn’t know what is buffet? In many traditional and reputed restaurants you will find the buffet style dining.
Many restaurants serve their thousands of customers by buffet with a few staff as a result those restaurant get more profit by using minimum leave of staff. The buffet system dining is really very easy to handle.
However, now we will come back to the main point of Buffet.

What is Buffet?

“Buffet is a style of food service in which the verities of ready food dishes are displayed according to the sequence on the table either hot or cold and Guest’s serve those foods themselves”.

Generally, buffet is a self-service style of dining in which the customers pays a fixed price for having food and is entitled to select as much foods as he or she want.
Actually, in a restaurant customers pays a prize for having food and they serve food themselves by maintaining line from where different kind of ready foods are displayed in different dishes to eat, like. Starter, rich, bread, curry, vegetable, meat, fish, water, beverage and dessert is called Buffet.
Buffet dining style is such a style of having food which is very popular hundreds of countries like USA, Canada, Australia, and Sweden. Actually the concept of buffet style dining credited to the Swedish tradition.
There are some rules in buffet style dining, which is, Food should be displayed to guests in different dishes. Food should be fresh and in natural temperature. Keep efficient staff to handle the buffet system. Have to keep enough ready food so that food can be served easily to all customers/guest’s. Some staff should be stay beside the buffet with neat and clean address and be ready to follow customer/ guest’s order. And they should describe about foods. And follow the customers/ guest’s requirement.

In the present age buffet-style dining has become very popular in all over the world because, buffet is such a style of serving food where is no problem to get food by wish and choose oneself. And there is no probability of wasting food unnecessary. Buffet system can control one’s own portion size and side dishes. And now a days if you look to any kind of occasions like weeding, holidays party, general party then you will find that there are buffet style dinning is arranged.

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  1. Buffets are great when you have a very large quantity of guests. That way you don’t have to spend on service crews and everyone would love to be able to pick their own food. That down part on having a buffet though, is the probable sloppy mess you would be facing at the table because not everyone will be as refined as they seem.

  2. Buffet is the best technique in the present time. Today all persons lives very fast life. So this type of self food services is best for those who live professional life. Now any where in parties, in business meetings, Family functions etc. everywhere everybody like this buffet technique for saving there so much important time.

  3. Buffets can be good and bad. If the food sits for too long it loses flavor and texture. I suggest using buffets in circumstances where a large group of people will eat at the same time or there is a steady flow of people so the food is being replenished frequently. Otherwise, the food will disappoint your guests.

  4. Buffets are good when there are many guests and a large number of dishes to be served. You don’t have to serve them individually and guests can also have a hearty meal. It also saves so much time for the host as well as the guest.

  5. There are endless benefits of using Buffet service.
    It offers a wide variety of food.People can eat as much as they want.
    Self controlled amount of serving.Everyone is a bit more relaxed and sociable.And most existing , Buffet catering is less expensive.
    And most interesting, the Guest and the Host both are happy at all or Both sides of satisfaction.

  6. Today generally we get a long food list wherever we go, whether it is Restaurant or social gathering like big fat wedding or birthday bash and most of the time we are not familiar with each and every food. As result,So much choice confuses us and we eat something very unusual and that we do not want to. Buffet is easy escape way for us. I support buffet system.

  7. Buffet system is all about self service arrangement of dining. I love the buffet dining system as every dish is at display and you can choose whichever seems good for you. Its inexpensive than other systems but the only disadvantage of this system is that it looses its taste if it sits for a long time.

  8. I think the article was written well.The buffet is convenient and free .Anyone can eat food he like.Because there are a lot of food for you choosing.

  9. Yes i think buffet is a good choice if you have a lot of guest. Because they can serve themselves, it more fast serve them better.

  10. Buffet is such a great marketing strategy. Lots of restaurants nowadays are more on a buffet service and I love the fact that I have a various of options if where I can treat my family. 😀

  11. I think buffet is a better way to save food and also a good option of marketing. We can help ourselves to whatever dish we like rather than just being served whether you want it or not.

  12. As mentioned in one of the comments buffet is a great marketing strategy. I think we can minimize the wastage of food also. I really like buffet system because I can choose what I want to eat, not what others serve me.

  13. the buffet serving meals in which food is placed in a public area where the diners generally serve themselves

  14. Yes! you are right.

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