What is Course

Course, it is a very important word in F&B Section.
Do you the meaning of “Course”?  If yes then okay but if not then read the full article of the post to know about course.
Course is meaning every individual item of Food. You can tell another way that “Every individual item of Food is a Course such as Rice, Meat, Fish, Vegetable, Salad and other item of Food”.
Suppose, you are taking you Dinner with rice, Fish, Vegetable and salad then you cannot say it is a course. Because course cannot be together of all food, but course taken together in a meal either Lunch or Dinner.
I want to say that you Taking Rice, Fish, vegetable and Salad. There are Rice is a Course, Fish is a course, Vegetable is a Course and Salad is a Course.

So, now we tell that in the F&B Section every individual item of Food is called Course.

Author: Ahmed

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  1. Courses really dress up any dinner party and can be a fun way to plan a meal. Personally, my favorites course is the last one (dessert)!

  2. Wow, this is a very interesting fact. Most of those who eat in fine dining knows that a course is the every segment of a meal. Thanks so much for this relevant information!

  3. this blog is very very usefull, i am learning new infos about foods and coocking

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