What is Guest’s Senses

Guest Sense is one of the most important matters to all F&B Service holders. When a Guest Enter in your hotel or Restaurant then he/she always expect some things and Look for Special things According to his/her mind. He/she may expect a Special Service, Good smell Of the Environment and Food, A Smart Waiter and obviously a Delicious Food.


There are some important things that Guest always done when he/she came in your Restaurant.

1.      Observation

2.      Taste

3.      Smell

4.      Feeling

5.      Hearing

6.      Value for Money

Now I want to talk something about 6 important point of guest Senses.


  1. Observation :  When a Guest enter a hotel or in a Restaurant then he/ she try to observe you, your restaurant, restaurant’s Environment etc.
  2. Taste: Guest always wants to get a delicious Food from Restaurant. If you food’s taste enough then okay but if not then I think the Guest never try to come here in your restaurant again. So, be sure about your Food Taste.
  3. Smell: Smell Is the Heart of any Food. So Guest also wants a Good Smell with Good Taste of your Food.
  4. Feeling: A good environment can change your mind. Guests are tried to feel some Good things and special something around him/her self. He wants to feel a nice atmosphere. So, make nice and happier atmosphere of your Service Aria or Restaurant for better felling of your Guest.
  5. Hearing:  Guests never tell you one thing frequently or calling you. So must have a good hearing power to listen guest’s order, his/her comments etc. If you have not good hearing power then guest may Angry to you.
  6. Value For money:  money has a great value to all. Guest came in your Restaurant to having Food by money so his/her money has a Great value to him/her. Guest never wants wastage of money. So, you must have served a good Food to Guest so that guest can satisfy to have your Food. Then Guest will tell about Good Food not about his/her money.

According to myself, Every F&B Service Holder has to keep in his/her mind that guest is always right. Never try to argument with guest in any matter.

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