What is Restaurant

Restaurant! It is a most popular name in the present world. Many people do not have their meal in their home, they always take meal and food from restaurant.  Restaurant is a public place, which opens to all for selling food and beverage to any person and peoples. We are visit restaurant and take food from restaurant. But we don’t the proper meaning or definition of Restaurant.
Sometimes many peoples think that Restaurant and Hotel is same things and its definition is also same. But it is not true. Definition of Hotel and restaurant is different from each other.

What is Restaurant?

Restaurant is a public place. Provide Food and Beverage on a commercial basis. This is open to all to take refreshment, Food and beverage. Everybody can take food and Beverage against money. Restaurant offer service of Food and Beverage desires to satisfy the Guest.
Actually, Guest take Rest in restaurant and pay Rent for the having refreshment, food and beverage.
Restaurant comes from the word of “Rest and Rent”. “Rest & Rent” those words consisting the word restaurant. Where the guest/client/peoples take their Food & beverage.

Many people’s think that Hotel and Restaurant is the same things. The definition of Restaurant and Hotel is same. It is not true. Hotel and restaurant is not same place, things and same definition. Hotel has the accommodation system to stay night with the facilities food and beverage, but in restaurant, you get only facilities of food and beverage. There are no accommodation system and facilities in restaurant to stay day or night.

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  1. Really restaurent is look like home currently and we getting all food from there. basically restuarent is best place lok like home.thank u so much for sahre info…

  2. Very good explanation for how a good restaurant must look like

  3. As much as I love going to restaurants, I wish they had more organic selections. I also am waiting for the day when they will have the list of ingredients available for those people who have allergies or wish to avoid certain ingredients.

  4. This is a big revelation for me.I have always deemed Hotels and Restaurants as a same entity.But pondering over this post,I couldn’t agree more with the clear difference of these terminologies ‘Hotel’ and ‘Restaurants’ that are stated in this post.And now I understand that Restaurants always pay attention to serve best food and good hospitability while Hotels try to excel in their lodging services too alongwith food.

  5. Yes! i am comfortable on what you did.man kind history tells us all things are done at common place to share joys. So restaurant is a place where we gain fun and health if not maintained in suitable way we will gain the miracle of health and confidence. So let pay great attention to it. Thanks

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