What is Waiter?

Waiter is common name in any Restaurant but many of us do not know the meaning of Waiter or Definition of Waiter.

A Waiter is a main keyword of a restaurant and F&B section, without a waiter any Restaurant cannon ran. Because a waiter is always, be touch of guests. He is responsible for everything of about serving foods. He also takes foods orders from guests and convince guest with firsthand.

Definition of Waiter:

“Waiter is a man who waits for guest, Take orders for foods from guests and serves foods in the guests table”.

Definition of waiter is simple but task of a waiter is very large. He will be responsible first if any guest makes any complain, late for food service, late for taking orders for foods and so on.

A waiter takes order for foods from guests and gives this food orders to kitchen staff, when the food cooking is complete then the waiter serves those foods in guests table.

However, a good waiter is always invaluable to any Hotel or Restaurant. Because 80% guest’s satisfaction depends of a Waiter and another 20% is 10% for cooking Food, mean food tests and 10% Hotel or Restaurant Environment.

However, lastly just want to say that A Good Waiter is Always Best and Lucky for a Hotel and Restaurant.

Note: Waiter and Waitress are likely same. But there are only a difference between waiter and waitress that is only Gender discrimination. Without this difference waiter and waitress is same.

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