What is Waitress?

Waitress is same to Waiter. Waitress and waiter is very important part of any Restaurant for serving foods to guests. Though, a waitress cannot make role and effective activities like a waiter but a waitress is definitely invaluable.

Definition of Waitress:

Waitress is a woman who waits for guest, Take orders for foods from guests and serves foods in the guests table”.

Somewhere in many four stars or five star Hotel/Restaurants a waitress cannot take any orders for foods from guests.  She only assists a waiter to serve food and complete the service properly.
And some where a waitress took part and important as a waiter.

It is age of women empowerment and women are not in dark any more. They are try to involve with any work to lead a nice life and F&B section like Hotel or Restaurant is best platform to get a nice, wonderful and enjoyable Job.

Note: Waiter and Waitress are likely same. But there are only a difference between waiter and waitress that is only Gender discrimination. Without this difference waiter and waitress is same.

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