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Kind Of Cutting Process in the Restaurant

F&B is the section where you will find thousands of style in making food, Serving, Design Food in many ways. Cutting process is one of the great process and style of them. You can ask that How many Cutting process in Restaurant? There are many kinds of Cutting process in F&B section basically in a […]

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What is Cutting Process?

Cutting process is an way to cutting food or vegetable in different style. A good looking cutting style are really so nice looking and it is delicious to have in your Lunch or in Dinner. Suppose, you cut a potato as a normal style. It is Normal and common matter because majority peoples cut their […]

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Fruit for Health


Fruits are the very important food for health. It is true that Fruit for Health, Not only for Health but also Fruit is good for Health. There are many kinds of Fruit in all over the world. We take many Fruits in several time but we don’t know the Nutrition of the Fruit. So, there […]

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What About Food

waht about food

What about food?  Food protects your life and helps you to alive. If you think about food and Life you will be wondered that how imagine it is and you have agree that Food for Life. When you having delicious and rich Food on the other hand someone crying and asking Give me Food or […]

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Toilet Section / Sanitation

Toilet is the very important part of a Hotel or Restaurant. Another name of Toilet is Fresh Room some peoples is called it as wash room. And it is a Important of part of F&B Service However, in your Hotel or Restaurant must have a Wash Room (Toilet) that have to must be properly neat […]

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What is Service

It is a common question of many F&B or general service holder that “what is service?” Definition of service is a large matter but I am trying to clear you about service and trying to tell you short definition of service. Service is the Soil of F&B Section or of a restaurant, and reputation is […]

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