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F&B mean food and beverage. f&b is the short name of food and beverage and f&b is the main part of restaurant.

What is Hotel

Many peoples think that Hotel and Restaurant is same place and things. But Hotel and restaurant is not same. Definition of Restaurant and Hotel is also different from each other. Hotel and Restaurant is relative with each other from its service and both establishment/organization perform Hospitality job. But its definition and work is not same […]

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What is Buffet

Buffet is a self service system of dining in restaurant or parties. Buffet is a very popular system of food service in any party or restaurant. Buffet is also an important thing of F&B. But many people as well as many f&b staff doesn’t know what is buffet? In many traditional and reputed restaurants you […]

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Summer and Health

health in summer

Health is an important thing to all of us. We are always trying to be healthy, but we don’t know properly How to be Healthy? We are also not aware about our health and fitness. Summer season is a most difficult time to be healthy and fit, because in the summer season we lose our […]

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How to be Healthy

Health is a very important and most invaluable thing to every life. Without a good health we cannot do our any daily work properly. If anyone feels weakness in his/her body then he/she cannot healthy in mentally at all. To be healthy in the present ages it is too difficult because we are having many […]

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What is Beverage

what is beverage

Beverage is a common name to us but many peoples of us don’t know what is beverage? In the F&B section beverage is a most important matter because without beverage any kind of restaurant and F&B section fully value less. Food and Beverage is the full meaning of the F&B. F=Food and B=Beverage. Now we […]

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Online Butchers for Wedding Catering

Wedding catering involves a lot of hard work. You have to be focused at all times because if something goes wrong with your equipment or your suppliers are out of stock with a product that you need then you are in big trouble. The bridal party are not going to accept this. You have to […]

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