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F&B mean food and beverage. f&b is the short name of food and beverage and f&b is the main part of restaurant.

About Food and Beverage Service

food and beverage service

Do you want to know How to Make A good Service ? F&B= Food & Beverage. food and beverage service depend on some tricks, mainly Service Style of a Waiter/Waitress. If their service will be perfect then its reputation will be store in mouth of maximum Gust of this restaurant. But if their service will delay […]

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What is Guest in F&B Departmen

what is guest in f&b

You may ask the Definition of Guest or What Is Guest or who is the Guest ? What is Guest / Definition of Guest : In the F&B section Guest is a person who presents him/her self to a certain establishment to Buy, Eat or Drink anything and he must be fit to be accepted by […]

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Definition of Menu

definition of menu

You may want to know about menu and you may ask that What is Menu? / Definition of Menu: Menu is a list of (F&B) Food and Beverage items with unit or package price and some menu are furnished with introduction of Food like with what made the food. Which an establishment can offer, arrange […]

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F&B Mean Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Hello all, I am here to talking about F&B. If you know that the meanings of F&B then okay but if don’t know then know it. F&B mean Food & Beverage. It is the main element of a Restaurant. Actually a Restaurant stands on Food and Beverage. Without Food and Beverage nobody can think about […]

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