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Hotel & Restaurant is the most useful and most hospitality place in all over the world. Enlarge your knowledge about hotel and restaurant.

What is Hotel

Many peoples think that Hotel and Restaurant is same place and things. But Hotel and restaurant is not same. Definition of Restaurant and Hotel is also different from each other. Hotel and Restaurant is relative with each other from its service and both establishment/organization perform Hospitality job. But its definition and work is not same […]

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What is Buffet

Buffet is a self service system of dining in restaurant or parties. Buffet is a very popular system of food service in any party or restaurant. Buffet is also an important thing of F&B. But many people as well as many f&b staff doesn’t know what is buffet? In many traditional and reputed restaurants you […]

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What is the Banquet

What is Banquet? It is common question to many people’s why are unaware about Banquet Hall. Many people’s want to know the proper meaning and definitions of Banquet. Now I am talking about Banquet. What is the Banquet? Banquet is a large catering activity department where food & beverage are served for pre-arranged number of […]

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How many Part of a Restaurant?


A restaurant is not making with only a part. Restaurants are making with different part and its every part is very important to a restaurant. And there are different works of each part. Basically, there are Ten (10) important parts in a Restaurant. Such As: Parking Reception Cash Counter Dining Hall Family Section  Side Station […]

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