Chart of Banquet Staffs

Banquet is most important part of a Hotel or Restaurant. Without a Banquet any party cannot run. Banquet is a right place to throw/ Run a Party.

There need many staffs to run a banquet. Because without enough staffs, work of Banquet will hamper, so, to run a Banquet, there have to sufficient staff.

How Many Staff need to Run Banquet?

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It may be a question that, how many staff needs to run a good Banquet?
Actually, the staff quantity will depends of you Banquet area/ Service area; Facilities of taking food at a time, in how many table foods will serve at a time, distance of your Food delivery location etc.

Chart/List of Banquet Staffs:

In a Banquet, need various kinds of staff for different kinds of works.
There are a chart/ list given below of various kinds of staff for different kinds of works:

Banquet Staffs:

Necessary and estimate of staff chart for Banquet is below:

Banquet Manager / Public Relation Officer:

To run a good banquet with reputation there has to present one or two Banquet Manager or Public Relation Officer. So that they can convince Guest / Customer with a good Experience and lead a good job for all the staff of Banquet.

banquet staff

Head Waiter:

Head Waiter mean chief waiter. In a Banquet Hall or Banquet Party need some head Waiter. It may be 2, 3, 4 or 5 person. Who will responsible for Food Service. He maintain other waiters about food Service, table Preparation, pick up food and so on.

Waiter (15-20):

To run a Banquet or Banquet Party there need some Good Waiter (About 15 to 20 person. Actually it will depend no quantity of Guests, and in how many table food will serve) who will serve food to guests Table. Pick up food from kitchen of food delivery area.

Assistant Waiter (30-40):

Assistant Waiter mean, one kind of Junior waiter always helps waiters and Head Waiter. And follow the order of them. There should be about 30/40 assistant waiter who will helps waiter, follow the orders of waiters, clean the table, bring necessary commodities to table for guests.


There have to some Busboys in a banquet. Those Busboys clean all the dirty Silverware, China, Glasses etc.

Contract & Condition work staff:

There may have some Contract & Condition work staff in a Banquet.  If the banquet owner or F&B Manager thinks that your staff is not sufficient, than you may take some staff as Contract & Condition basis for some days. It will help to make a good environment in Banquet service or Banquet party/Banquet Hall.



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