Fast Food and Health

Fast Food is a big question How to be healthy in the present world because fast food is one of the important prevention to be healthy. Effects of Fast food on Health is very dangerous. Fast Food and Health is a common and a big topic to thousands of peoples. Actually, Fast Food is not only unhealthy but also it is a very fatty food and fast food is a silent killer.

Food is the basic need for every life. Everybody take food for be alive in the world. We take various kind of food in our life Fast Food is one of them.
Fast food  impacts on Health as well as mind and children’s life. There are a large number of target to women and children of every Fast Food Restaurant.
Fast Food is a food which is make by high levels fatty element and sugar, which can make you fat easily. There are many effects of Fast Food. It causes many fatal and harmful diseases like: Diabetes, Stroke, Asthma, Liver Disease, Cardiovascular disease and Cancer.

Fast Food is responsible for fatal disease:

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According to Health Specialist, Fast Food is responsible for some dangerous fatal disease, like:


Obesity is the responsible for the type 2 diabetes in the childhood. This diabetes contributes to serious health disease in the children’s, including, kidney failure, severe nerve damage, hypertension, heart disease etc.


Stroke occurs when blood traveling to the brain is blocked, as a result brain keep damage, its cause high blood pressure, paralysis and death. All causes are unhealthy diet that’s mean obesity. It is the most important cause for Stroke.


Diets high in unhealthy food like fast food, increase the likelihood that develop asthma,

Liver Disease:

Fatty liver disease occurs when fat build u in the liver cells, often leading to severe liver damage.

Cardiovascular Disease:

An unhealthy diet is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease. Globally, number of death of cardiovascular disease is increasing day by day and main reason of the unexpected death is fat.


According to health specialist, one third of cancers are diet related. Now-a-days the risk is increasing of cancers of kidney, colon, and esophagus.

However, when in some part of the world peoples are facing food crises, malnutrition while peoples of western country having rich, unhealthy and fast food and they are going to obese. In western country peoples are eating processed, unhealthy and fast food as a result more than 60% peoples is considered obese. But in some country like India,
Sir Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh peoples are not so obese because they don’t have too much processed, unhealthy or Fast Food. A statistics show that, In 2000, the US healthcare system spent $61 billion on the diagnosis, care to prevention of obesity.
In the year of 2002, Americans spent about $115 billion on fast food, which is more than on higher education or personal computers or new cars.
Americans are spending about half of their food budget on meals and drinks
consumed outside the home. They like to have nice and delicious Fast Food which is a silent killer.
In US, fast food and unhealthy food eating is second biggest killer after smoking.
Fast Food Restaurants increasing eating and obesity problem in peoples life basically children’s and women life.

So, to be healthy and lead a healthy life, you have to avoid fast food and any unhealthy food. Life is your and decision is also yours. Think before to having any food and think about fast food and health which is beloved and valuable to you.

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