How to be Good Waiter and Waitress

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How to be Good Waiter and Waitress, it is a big question to thousands of peoples, who want to build his or her career in the F&B profession or in a Hotel or Restaurant.

To be a good waiter and waitress is very easy and very difficult to anyone.

However, if you want to be a good waiter or waitress then you have to keep in your mind some important things and points. Moreover, at first you have to know about waiter & waitress and about (F&B) Food and Beverage. Have to know what is waiter and what is Waitress.

A waiter turns into a good waiter/waitress when he/she has some important sense and some best qualities.

Now, I am going to the main point that How to be a Good Waiter and Waitress.

Important Point to Good Waiter/Waitress:

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Some important points that you must have to keep in your mind, if want to be listed in Good Waiter/Waitress list. Important points are below:

Sense about Food and Beverage:

Sense about Food and Beverage is the only precondition to be a good waiter/waitress. So, if you want to be a good Waiter/Waitress, then you must have to learn about (F&B) Food and Beverage.

Otherwise, if you have a ton of good quality, then you never be a good Waiter/Waitress.

So, to be a good Waiter/Waitress learn about (F&B) Food & Beverage, about Food, about beverage and everything of F&B.

Keep Smiling with your Guest:

Smile is the best to achieve anything. So, if you want to be good Waiter/Waitress then please keep smile on your lips, every time and moment with a good sense.

When you are going to taking Order from your guest, talking with guest, serving food in the guest’s table, do everything with a nice and sweet smile.

However, please, do not try to smile when something is going with wrong. If you do it in the time of inappropriate time then you may called as non-sense.

Good and Friendly Behavior:

To be a good Waiter/Waitress, you behavior must have to friendly and polite with every one as well as with your guests.

Polite, Good and friendly behavior is the precondition of a good Waiter/Waitress.

Time Sense:

Time sense is another d adjective to be a good Waiter/Waitress. Try to provide food and serve your guest in time.

You have to keep in your mind that, your guest’s time is very invaluable. So, never wastage your guest’s time.  A good Waiter/Waitress always must have to follow the rules of time sense.

Guest Priority:

Guest’s Priority is one of greater and most important matter in F&B section as well as hotel, restaurant and any office.

You must have to keep in your mind that guest’s is always right. So never, try to make any argument with your guests and give a high priority to your guest’s.

Giving priority to guest’s is a best quality of a good Waiter /Waitress.

Sacrificing Mentality:

Sacrificing Mentality is one of the great qualities of a good Waiter/Waitress. A good Waiter/Waitress always sacrifices with his or her co-workers in the work place.
Therefore, to be a good Waiter/Waitress, you must have sacrifice with your guest’s and with your co-workers.

Necessary Things:

In this point, I am going to talk you something important also. A good Waiter/Waitress keeps some important and necessary thing with him/her. Like, white paper, pen, Napkin, comb, keep some important information in mind and so on.

If you follow those tips and rules about (F&B) Food & Beverage above, then I wish you might become a good waiter/waitress early.

Actually, F&B is a very difficult place where everybody has to sacrifice every moment. F&B is a profession of hospitality and sacrificing.
All the best, I wish you will be able to create your strong career with (F&B) food and beverage as a good Waiter/Waitress.

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