How to be Healthy in Ramadan

Ramadan is one of the most important and holy religious time for the all Muslims around the world. After complete the whole day fasting, peoples are become very week some times. Some times some peoples feel bad in their body and mind. It is a normal matter that after passing full day with fasting when they have some foods for Ifter then they feels some change in their body. As a result, they are feeling some change in their body and mind like weakness, headache, sleepy and so on.

Now it may ask from you that are there any way to relieve the problem?
The answer is yes. There are some tips for the problem that can help you to be healthy and fit in the holy Ramadan.

How to be Healthy in Ramadan?

It is big fact and question to many people’s that How to be healthy?  To be healthy in Ramadan, you have to follow some tips and have to avoid some foods in Iftar and Dinner and Sehri.

In Iftar peoples takes many kind of foods like sweets, juice, spicy and so on.
You have to avoid so much spicy food in your Iftar.

During the early evening (after Maghreb) avoid fried and spicy foods as they may cause heartburn, acidity and indigestion.

If you take so much spicy food then you will feel acidity and it may reduce your attraction to food. As a result, you may fall in serious weakness.

Before fasting, Diabetic patients should consult with physician about their meal and medication regimen in Ramadan.

If you are diabetic, hypertension,Cardia or kidney patient, please consult doctors before decision about fasting.

Make fists with both hands and relax. This will improve blood circulation to your hands and relieve pain caused by typing.

In the time of Sehri, it is not must that you have to eat rice. If you want then you can eat Bread, Parata, and Sweets Food etc. Moreover, it wills fine and better if there every body take a cup of Milk.

Bad breath is may cause by bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria dependas on small foods particles in mount. So, make sure to brush teeth.

Avoid too much tea, coffee, after iftaar. Serve yourself and your family a dessert of fresh fruits and nuts which a healthier foods for all of you.

In the time of iftar you may feel very thirsty and want to get more water or any beverage item. You can take any kind of soft drink, saline but please keep in your mine, Don’t take too much cold or raw ice in your iftar.

You may take some healthy and powerful foods in your Ifter like Date, Sweets and sweets foods, Juice, Fresh fruits, doi bora (Curd Cake) etc to keep your health Healthy.

During the evening (After ifter/Maghreb) have a healthy balanced dinner. Do not overeat & be sure to drink a few more glasses of water.

Avoid heavy meals for ifter in order to prevent extra pressure on the stomach. Have you light dinner after 2 hours of Ifter.

Avoid foods containing too much sugar and avoid over eating especially in Sehri.

We should consume slow digesting foods including fiber containing-foods rather than fast-digesting foods at Holy Ramadan.

Dates are excellent source of Sugar, fiber, carbohydrates, potassium and magnesium. Eat Dates at iftar as well as sehri.

Bananas are also good source of magnesium, carbohydrates and potassium. So, during the Holy Ramadan eat some Bananas in Iftar and sehri for your best healthy health.

Drink as much water or fruit Juice as possible between iftar and bedtime so that your body may adjust fluid levels in time.

Organize your schedule or to do list during the Ramadan so as to have adequate sleep which is necessary to be fit in mentally and physically.

Cut down caffeine and tobacco slowly starting a week or two before Ramadan. It will very helpful during fasting.

Spicy foods, coffee and cola drinks are worsen some condition like acidity, indigestion. So, try to avoid those kinds of foods and drinks in Holy Ramadan.

Light exercise, such as walking for 15 to 20 minutes in best for health in the evening hours in Ramadan.

Avoid more fried foods, barbeque items, and spicy foods, do not take tea or coffee after having sheri, avoid smoking, alcohol and unhealthy food.


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