How to be Healthy

Health is a very important and most invaluable thing to every life. Without a good health we cannot do our any daily work properly. If anyone feels weakness in his/her body then he/she cannot healthy in mentally at all. To be healthy in the present ages it is too difficult because we are having many unhealthy Foods, like Fast Food, facing pollution, unaware about nutrition, food adulteration and health guide and many more.
Medicine is not only way to be healthy and wellness, to be healthy in the present age all of us have to follow some rules and maintain them properly. Some rules can change your life in to heaven and ignorance of those rules can turn your life into hell.
So, to be healthy all time and lead a nice and awesome life you must follow rules and try to be free from any physical and mental pressure.
However, now we will go to the mail point of the article.


How to be Healthy?

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Everyone want to healthy in his/her life to lead a nice, comfortable and healthy life.To be healthy you can follow some nice rules below:

Early to rise in the morning:

“Early to bed and early to rise, it is one of the great sources of Goof health, wealth, wisdom”. So, try to go to your bed early and rise early in the morning. In the morning you will get fresh air and fresh atmosphere that is very important for everybody. Fresh air and atmosphere can change your mentality as well as your health.
If you run in the morning with fresh air and atmosphere then really you will feel better more than other days.

Gym can change your body structure:

Gym is one the great and excellent way to fit your health. Gym can give you a nice fitness of your body and gym can change your body with a nice structure. If you have times then do not miss gym, if you have time for gym. You can run or walk in the every morning with the fresh air and atmosphere as a part of gym.

how to be healthy

Eat healthy and fresh food:

Try to have healthy and fresh food. Fresh and healthy food can increase disease protected power in your body as a results you will be healthy and strong all time. And try to have your food in time. Do not make late to have your food in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Avoid junk food, unhealthy food, fatty food and fast food.

 Keep your stomach full:

Never keep your stomach empty. When you fell that your stomach is going to empty then eat some food, because if you keep your stomach empty then you will face acidity shortly and you may face other problem in your body. So, be careful about your stomach.

Avoid overt eating:

Try to leave over eating habit. Over eating is not only bad for health and life but also it is a great reason of obesity, disease and unexpected death.

Give up smoking:

Give up the dangerous habit of Smoking. Smoking is the silent killer for human begins. Nicotine is dangerous poison for human body and Lung, Liver, Brain and smoking the most responsible for cancer. Smoking cause bronchitis, liver disease, cancer, irritation and many fatal diseases.

Try to laugh more and be cool:

Try to laugh all time, even when you are passing a very difficult time with very hard problem. Don’t be serious in the problem, if you become serious with any matter your blood pressure will be high, you will face hypertension and it may effect in your mind, body and heart. So, try to solve your problem with your cool mind and I wish if your try to solve your problem with your cool mind then your problem will must be solve.

If you follow those simple rules above, then I wish you can be healthy with mentally and physically. To be healthy, rules and control on you is most important matter.
So, try to control you about Food, rules, habit and to be healthy, your wish is one of the very important matter. So, you can be healthy easily if you want to be healthy.

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