How to Clean Ashtray

Maximum Hotel and Restaurant has smoking zone and some are always smoking allowed for the guests.  In we think about smoking then we have to think about ashtray at the same time of thinking about smoking. Because without ashtray smoking is not perfect or suitable in any hotel and restaurant even in your own house.

However, if you work in a good and well reputed Hotel or Restaurant then there must be have an art of your all kind of work.
Now we will come back to the main point in the main post, how to clean dirty ashtray from table and replace clean ashtray on your table when your guests are still smoking on your table.

Hot to clean Ashtray:

Suppose, your guest is smoking there in your table but you need to clean the dirty ashtray so, you want to remove the dirty ashtray and replace one clean ashtray on the table.

dirty ashtray

Dirty Ashtray is really looking so Dirty. So, it have to change and replace a new one as soon as possible.

Then how you do replace the ashtray from the table?

There are so many way to clean the ashtray but this is the right way to clean the ashtray below:

“Put clean ashtray upside down & place on top of dirty ashtray then remove from the table put back clean ashtray.”

clean ashtray

A Clean Ashtray

This method prevents ashes from flying around & into Guest’s Food.

Actually, F&B (Food and Beverage) and Hotel service totally depends on your ready wit and art of your work. You can make any easy and simple work special by you sense of work and service, ready wit and art of your work style.

So, try to make more improvement in your work and get more benefits from your profession.


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