How to Handle Customer Complaints

Complaints are a common matter in your service or business in F&B section, Hotel, Restaurant and any Business. You cannot fulfill the total requirements of your guest. Moreover, there are some guest who is always try to find out the blunder or Mistake of you and if he/she find it once just then he/she will complain against you, about your service or your system and food.
There are no Restaurant where are no a few complaint everyday against Food, Food Service, System, Environment, Food Prize, Food Quantity and Quality and so on.

However, it is serious matters that what will you do if you face a problem in front you that Guest is complaining you against anything of you and of your Restaurant?
Now I am trying to explain some tips about the serious matter of your guest complaint. What should you do when you will get complaint from your guest?

How to Handling Complaints?:

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To handling your guest’s complaints properly, you must have to follow some very important steps and must keep in your mind those point of handling complaints.

Showing Sympathy:

In the F&B (Food and Beverage) section/ Department guest is always right. So, if you guest make any complaints to you, then you must show sympathy to your guest.

Note Complains:

Note all complains of your Guest. And try to solve the problems, so that the some problem never happen again with your guests.

Listen carefully with patient:

When your guest will make complaint, you have to keep in your mind that your guest is still furious or angry. So, you have to listen his/her complaint carefully with full patient. Otherwise you guest will be more angry or furious to you and your behavior.

Be Neutral as well as impartial:

When your guest or client making complaints to you, please be Neutral as well as impartial to your guest/ client. In this time, you must have to show and be neutral and impartial to your guest.

Get the Fact:

Get the real fact about your guest complaints. Why do he/she make complain to you.

Logical Points to Angry:

When your guest will make complaint to you, then he/she will must show some logical points to you. And you have to agree with those logical point, so that your guest realize that you understand the matter and you are with your guest.

Guest’s Satisfaction is our Priority:

When your guest make any complaint to you about any matter, then show sympathy and try to show such a behavior to your guest so that you guest understands that you and your support goes to your guest. And tell or try to understand your guest that Guest’s Satisfaction is our (your) Priority.

If you follow those rules/ tips, then you can easily handling any kind of complaints of your guest in your Business, or F&B Section.

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