How To Lose Weight By Eating Healthy At A Restaurant

how to lose weight by eating

Dining at a restaurant is quite a common affair for most people. There is hardly any person who doesn’t like to indulge in the yummy dishes these restaurants offer. In fact, more than 75% people eat out once a week whereas the rest of the 25% prefer to eat out twice a week or even more. There is no harm in eating out as long as you keep an eye on what you are having and how much you are consuming. In other words, you can control your weight and even lose some if you eat healthy food at a restaurant. Here are some tips to help you lose your weight in spite of dining in an eatery eatery and how to lose weight by eating healthy.

Don’t skip your lunch:

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Many people have the habit of skipping their lunch if they are going to dine out. This is extremely wrong and makes you gain more fat rather than lose it because you feel so hungry that you just jump on the food without considering the calories. Thus, if you have decided to go out for dinner, have a light lunch like a roll made of whole grains or salad or chicken with vegetables. In the late afternoon you should also have a small snack like a few almonds or low fat yogurt. It can be said as Lose weight by eating.

Don’t consume too much wine:

Yeah you will certainly have your favourite wine but restrict yourself to one glass only. The more wine you drink the more calories you intake, which is not preferable. Because consume too much wine will not help you to loss weight easily.

Select the dishes properly:

At some restaurants you will see that some dishes are marked as light but the truth is they are full of saturated fat and calories. So beware of them! You must choose a menu that includes lean protein like a chicken breast, strip steak or fish and complex carbohydrates like whole wheat pasta and brown rice. Besides that you should opt for dishes that are made with olive oil or canola oil. These two oils are the best as they contain monounsaturated fats which are easy to digest.

Check the restaurant website to select the menu:

You must have decided when and where you will go out for dinner or lunch, right? Then you take some time out and check the website of the diner if it has the list of menus or not. If the eatery has, then you note the nutritional details of each item in order to know which dish is the healthiest and order the same once you reach there.

Choose the salad with low fat dressing:

Fill your plate with lots of salads and green veggies and top them off with just one spoon of low fat dressing. Stay away from creamy or cheesy dressings or bacon bits. If you can’t resist yourself at all, then have only one spoonful.

Make a special request:

Most of the restaurants try to cater for the special requests of their customers. So, it’s your duty to speak about what you want. Order a steamed, baked or even grilled food and ask the eatery to use minimal oil if you have ordered any fried food. You can also ask to prepare your dish in a little olive oil instead of butter. If you like to order a pasta dish, ask them to add more veggies and less pasta.

Thus, if you follow these rules, you will not gain a single calorie in spite of eating out at your favourite restaurant.

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