How to Lose Weight

how to loss weight

Weight Loss! How to Lose Weight or Burning Calories is a image question of some peoples who have Overweight of her/ his body because everybody wants to be Slim and healthy.

Losing Weight is not an easy matter though, but I will show you some important tips and way to lose weight easily and burning high calories from your body.

Your weight is increasing day by day, but you want to escape from overweight and obesity, but how?

You may ask some question to someone or with your own mind below:
How to Loss Weight or How to Loss Weight in a Week if you are unable to do Gym hour after hour?
Is there any easy way to Loss Weight or Loss Weight in 7 days?

The answer of above questions is Yeah! There is some effective tips /effective way to Loss weight quickly.

Do you know you are able to burn more than 500 calories in a day?

The Post How to Lose Weight is for those persons who want to Loss Weight or Lose Weight in a Week easily by burning calories.

Burn Calories by Walking:

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Walk more and more to loss your weight. Walking is one of the best ways to burn your bodies calories. We are make conversation by Mobile phone, due to your mobile conversation try walk, because it is very effective to burn high calories from your body.

Stop Eating during Watching TV or Movie:

There is a statistics that, if someone eat food due to watching TV or Moves he/she takes extra food of 288 Calories more than Normal / general food eating.

So, If you really want to Loss your Weight Easily that stop Eating due to Watching TV or Movies.

Stop Eating Rich Food:

If you really want to loss your weight then please leave all the rich food from right now. If you take rich food like Fast Food, Fatty Food, Chocolate, Foods with Cream, mush Soft Cola drinks then it is impossible to Lose your weight.

Eat Vegetable to Loss Weight:

Vegetable is the best things to lose weight easily and quickly. So, if you eat vegetable more and leave meet and other rich food then it will very helpful to you to Weight Loss Mission.

Alert about Salad:

We know that Salad is work as Weight Loss Help and Salad is very helpful to lose weight. Yeah it is right but you have to attentive to make salad and to eat salad.

Salad which made by Mayonnaise, salad with nuts and meat is very effective to Gain Weight.

We get about 500 calories from such a bowl of Salad. So, be careful about eating Salad. You can have only vegetable salad to weight loss of your body.

Eat in small Plate /Bowl:

Choose a small dish to having your meal. It will help you to eat less food about 20%. So, always try to eat in a small plate or Bowl.

Eat Chips by Counting:

It is funny to hear about Eating Chips by counting!! Yeah! Do you know if you take a pack of Chips then you will get 1200 Calories!

So, you can take highest 15 piece of chips only in a day and you will get 140 calories for 15-piece chips. So, be careful about chips if you want to lose your weight.

When You are a Guest:

Guests are always requested to take/have/ eat more food. So, be careful when you are guest. As guest, maximum peoples take more food than normal time. So, try to avoid the requesting to eat more food politely.

Cook Food in little Oil:

Coked your all kind of Food with little Oil and try to make habit to eat oil less or little oil food.
In 1 tea spoon has about 124 calories. So, little mean little fat and weight loss.

Stop Having soft Drink and Cola Drink:

To loss your weight you must have to stop having soft drink like Coca Cola, Pepsi cola etc, because if you drank a soft drink then your body will gain about 180 Calories. That will affect on your weight loss mission.

Stop Eating Sugar:

Stop eating sugar in your Tea. Coffee, juice or in any other sweetest foods. You can be saved to gain another 400 calories in a day by stop eating Sugar.

Regular Exercise:

To Weight Loss of your body you must have to practice of Regular Physical Exercise. Because, regular physical exercise is one of the great way to Increase and reduce body weight.

And you have to exercise for reduce or Lose Weight. Only regular exercise can Lose Weight in 7 days and helps to be fit, healthy and slim.

So, if you think about how to lose weight of your body and want to get healthy health and body then you must follow those above Weight Loss tips and Health tips.

According to me, if anybody follow those above weight loss help tips then he/she will get a awesome results of Weight Loss.

So, try to follow and maintain those rules to be Slim and Loss weight in a week.

Have a Slim Body and Good Health!

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