How to Take Order for Room Service

Room service is one of the important parts of Hotel Business. Without a good room service, no hotel can improve their Hotel business.

Taking order for room service is very sensitive and for the reason a waiter have to be sensitive also when he/she is going to take order from the guests for room service.

Therefore, according to me every Waiter / Waitress has to be conscious and skill to take room service order from guests.

How to take room service order?

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Any kind of order from your guest, have to take with proficiency & sensitively, after take the order, you must have to confirm about the order of your guest. You can reconfirm the order if you have any confusion or doubt.

Your guest may order by Telephone, if the guests do it no problem, just write your orders and confirm it.

Write The Order in a Paper:

Write the orders that are your guest is ordering you. You have to write all the orders instantly, otherwise, you may forget an order or Food item.

Therefore, you have to write your guests order to ensure that you have not forgotten any order or Food Items that is ordered by your guest.

Suggest Best & Delicious Food:

Taking order is a very difficult work, because, you have to suggest new and delicious food to your guests, when you are taking order from your guest. However, please keep in your mind that never suggest huge amount of Foods, which will be wastage for your guest.

You can increase your seal of your restaurant by suggesting best, delicious and rich food to your guest.

Confirm about your Food:

Be sure/confirm about your foods that are available in your Hotel and Restaurant.

Look to your foods that are all items are available or not, if any of the Food item is not available then inform your guest instantly. Otherwise, your guest will may furious to you.

Submit your Kitchen Order Token (KOT) to your kitchen as soon as possible.

When your foods are ready to serve, carry them by a tray or trolley to your guests room and serve them gently/ smartly.


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