Kind Of Cutting Process in the Restaurant

F&B is the section where you will find thousands of style in making food, Serving, Design Food in many ways. Cutting process is one of the great process and style of them.

You can ask that How many Cutting process in Restaurant?
There are many kinds of Cutting process in F&B section basically in a Restaurant. You may ask What Is Cutting Process?
And Cutting process is also a very importaCuttingnt because when you make your food as normal style, its demand and value will be Normal also but if you make your food special with its Cutting Style, Color, Flavor then it will be highly appreciated to your guest.
So, try to make a special and Different Food with Its Style, Color and Flavor for your guest. And just keep in your mind that if you are able to satisfied your guest then your Food business never fall down.
But all of them, there are mainly Five (5) kinds of major cutting process in the restaurant, such as:
1. Dice Cutting
2. Cube Cutting
3. Minced Cutting
4. Julienne Cutting and
5. Shredded Cutting.

There are another many style of cutting process in a restaurant but above fives are most important, most popular and most useful cutting process in F&B Section and In a Restaurant.
So, try to make your Food Very Special to your Valuable Guest and try to serve a very Special, Colorful and Delicious Food with an Awesome Cutting Style.

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