What is Guest’s Senses

Guest Sense is one of the most important matters to all F&B Service holders. When a Guest Enter in your hotel or Restaurant then he/she always expect some things and Look for Special things According to his/her mind. He/she may expect a Special Service, Good smell Of the Environment and Food, A Smart Waiter and […]

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Reception About F&B and Restaurant


Reception, This part is very important for a Restaurant of Hotel, without reception no Hotel or Restaurant can be nice or Perfect in proper Curtsey. You may be want to find the Definition of reception or may ask what Reception is? What is reception it is a major common question to many peoples who don’t […]

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What is Service

It is a common question of many F&B or general service holder that “what is service?” Definition of service is a large matter but I am trying to clear you about service and trying to tell you short definition of service. Service is the Soil of F&B Section or of a restaurant, and reputation is […]

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What is Course

Course, it is a very important word in F&B Section. Do you the meaning of “Course”?  If yes then okay but if not then read the full article of the post to know about course. Course is meaning every individual item of Food. You can tell another way that “Every individual item of Food is […]

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Kind of Glasses in F&B

kind of Glasses

There are many kind of Glasses in a Restaurant. Basically Water Glasses to Wean Glasses every type of Drinks is served in different glasses and each of them has a different name. Water cannot be served in wine Glasses and Wean cannot be served in water or Ice tea Glass. So, If you want to be stay in […]

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About Food and Beverage Service

food and beverage service

Do you want to know How to Make A good Service ? F&B= Food & Beverage. food and beverage service depend on some tricks, mainly Service Style of a Waiter/Waitress. If their service will be perfect then its reputation will be store in mouth of maximum Gust of this restaurant. But if their service will delay […]

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What is Guest in F&B Departmen

what is guest in f&b

You may ask the Definition of Guest or What Is Guest or who is the Guest ? What is Guest / Definition of Guest : In the F&B section Guest is a person who presents him/her self to a certain establishment to Buy, Eat or Drink anything and he must be fit to be accepted by […]

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Definition of Menu

definition of menu

You may want to know about menu and you may ask that What is Menu? / Definition of Menu: Menu is a list of (F&B) Food and Beverage items with unit or package price and some menu are furnished with introduction of Food like with what made the food. Which an establishment can offer, arrange […]

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F&B Mean Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Hello all, I am here to talking about F&B. If you know that the meanings of F&B then okay but if don’t know then know it. F&B mean Food & Beverage. It is the main element of a Restaurant. Actually a Restaurant stands on Food and Beverage. Without Food and Beverage nobody can think about […]

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