Some Important Points of Restaurant and Hotel

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There are some important points of Restaurant and Hotel has. Those important points are very important for the Restaurant, Hotel and as well as F&B Department.

Everybody who is involved with F&B profession have proper knowledge about those important points of Restaurant/ Hotel or F&B Department to complete their task successfully.

Important Points:

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There are some important points of Restaurant, Hotel and F&B Department posted below that will very helpful for your F&B Profession.


Kitchen is a part of a Restaurant / Hotel where the food is cooked for the guests of Restaurant / Hotel.


Herbs are flower leafs, such as Mint leaf and Coriander leaf. That increases the beauty of your Hotel / Restaurant.


Every kinds of green leafy vegetable is call spinach, such as Water cress, Palak, Cabbage etc.

Bean Sprout:

Bean sprout is a root of Black Beans.

Asparagus, Mushroom, Bamboo Shoots:

Asparagus is one kind of seaweeds vegetable, Mushroom is a vegetable & Spring Bamboo shoots is a vegetable.


Seafood mean which is in sea like fish, Prawns & Crabs are seafood such as Sea Prawns, Lobster, Pamphlet, Red Snapper, Cattle Fish, Crabs & Squid fish.


Chopsuey is one kind of dry and crispy food, which is make by Beef, Chicken, Prawn, Liver, Gila & Mutton these mixed compound / combination is Chopsuey which is prepared by fried crispy Noodles.


The hen meat is calling Chicken in Restaurant/ Hotel. Moreover, its make many food items such as fried spring chicken, steam chicken soup, Tandoori chicken, sizzling chicken, Friend chicken, chicken curry and many more.


The Cow meat is called Beef in Hotel / Restaurant, it’s make Beef Steak, Beef chilli onion, Beef sizzling, beef curry, Beef Bhuna and many more items.


Prawn is one kind of Fish and it also one kind of Seafood.  It has different mane like Shrimps, Prawn, King Prawn, Tiger Prawn, Rock Prawn & Lobster etc.

Service Ware:

Which is use in the service , such as a service gear is call service ware, sauce spoon, Fork, Chopstick, Soup spoon, Dessert spoon & Tea spoon etc.

Hard Drinks:

Those drinks are alcoholic is call Hard Drinks, such as Beer Wine, Whiskey and Champagne etc.

Fizzes Drinks:

By carbonated drink is call Fizzes Drink, such as Coke, Sprite,7up and Pepsi etc.

Fruity Drinks:

The fruit flavor Drinks is calls Fruity Drink, such as Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice etc.

All the point of above are very important for F&B/Hotel/Restaurant, so, if you want to be success and want to be a good F&B Professional then you must have enough knowledge about those important points of F&B/Hotel/Restaurant.

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