Summer and Health

health in summer

Health is an important thing to all of us. We are always trying to be healthy, but we don’t know properly How to be Healthy? We are also not aware about our health and fitness.
Summer season is a most difficult time to be healthy and fit, because in the summer season we lose our energy by sweating. In the summer season thousand of peoples are going to die for the high temperature, and face high blood pressure, Heatstroke, skin disease cold fever etc. In the summer you are sweat, not only you but also everybody are sweating and with this sweating we loss important salt of our body which is very important for any life. When summer comes to our doors, then we being confused about our health and we are seriously try hard to be healthy in summer.

Health Diseases in Summer:

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In the summer season we face some dangerous diseases. Those summer diseases are very dangerous for us. The most health diseases in summer are below:

Skin Diseases
Food Poisoning
Cold fever
Sun Burn
Oily Skin

How to be Healthy in Summer?

You can be happy and healthy in summer if you follow and avoid some habit and foods in summer.

Follow and avoid in Summer:

To be healthy in summer, you have to follow and avoid some things, below:

Summer Health Tips: Eating Habit.

You have to control your eating habit in summer, because there are some foods which can increase your body temperature. So, eat fresh food like green vegetable, fresh fruits, fruit juice, and lemon juice. Eat soft food which will keep your body and mind cool. Try to have some food which will increase your body salt like saline, green salad. If you drink saline after sweating, then you will feel better and saline can increase your body salt. To be cool don’t have raw ice, it is very harmful for your body as well as your heart.
Avoid eating so much meat, egg, unhealthy food, rich food and Fast Food. If you increase your body temperature in any way, then you may face a dangerous threat like, heatstroke. So, be careful about your eating habit.

Summer Health Tips: Bathe

When you come to your home after finished your office, business or daily work take some rest. Please keep it in your mind that you must have take some rest to be cool, if you complete your bathe with sweating body then you will be attract by serious cold, from this cold you may attract by Cold fever, Asthma or Bronchitis, as a result you may go hospital for the simple mistake. Bathe in heat and hot water and weather one of the important reasons of sweating. So much sweating is very unhygienic for our body, and it spear a bad smell from our body. So, complete your cold shower with anti bacterial soaps.

Summer Health Tips: Lemon Juice and Lemon Tea.

Lemon is very helpful to give you comfort in summer. So, you can have a glass of Lemon juice or a cup of lemon tea with a slice of lemon when you will feel more uncomfortable in summer for high heat or temperature. Don’t worry, we know that tea is hot. Yeah, I agree that tea is hot but it is hot in our mouth but after have a cup of tea you will feel cool in your body. Like ice cream, ice cream is cold but after having an ice cream you will feel that your body temperature is increasing.

Summer Health Tips: Wiping Body.

Use cold napkin to wiping your mouth and body. If you wipe your face and body with a cold napkin then really you will feel that you are in an ice world, there are no summer and no high temperature. Try to use cotton cloth with light color, if you wear dark color cloth, like Red, Black, Dart blue and tight dress then those can increase heat in your body and you will feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you wear loose and light color dress like cotton you will feel comfort, because in the summer cotton cloth is better for your skin. If you use cotton cloth then you may save your skin from irritation.

Summer Health Tips: Protect Eye

Eye is one of the very important and sensitive parts of our body. In summer we feel irritation in our eyes because the sunlight hit in the deep of our eyes and as result we feel serious headache sometimes. So, when you will go to outside from your home try to use a sun glass which will protect your eyes from sunlight.
I wish all of you that, be healthy in summer and all time of your life. Be careful about your health and be happy and healthy in your life.


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