Table Preparation to Service

Table preparation is one of the most important and main key to make good and best service. Service is the main key to bring reputation of your business and mainly in Restaurant and Hotel Business. Every F&B service holder has to be sure about his/her table preparation before starting his/her service.

However, all of us who are involved with F&B Service have to know some point to table preparation. And must make sure about your table before starting your service.

Table Preparation:

Table preparation or table setup is one of the most important task before start your service.
So, Please make sure that you fulfill those requirements before star your service in the table. To make a very good service you have to complete/fulfill those requirements/questions below:

Where your tables properly set & ready for service?

(Make sure that your table is not moving with simple touching.)

Did the Guests you served have to ask you for silverware you had forgotten to place?

Did you avoid using bent or dirty silverware?

Did you avoid using chipped glass or china?

Did you avoid using tablecloths & napkins with holes or stains?

Did you remember to offer only clean ashtray to your guests?

Did you check the salt and pepper shakers?

Was there enough sugar in the sugar bowls?

If you forget anything to provide in your table before serve then try to provide it as soon as possible. It will be fine if you can provide it before your Guests want. If you are unable or failure to provide it before your service then it’s okay, say sorry to your guest and provide it as early as possible.

Actually, F&B is the place of ready wit, so if you have the most important ready wit then no Guest will complain against you.


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