Toilet Section / Sanitation

Toilet is the very important part of a Hotel or Restaurant. Another name of Toilet is Fresh Room some peoples is called it as wash room. And it is a Important of part of F&B Service

However, in your Hotel or Restaurant must have a Wash Room (Toilet) that have to must be properly neat and clean.

Neat and clean toilet is also very important part of a restaurant. Toilets all things neat & clean depended on any Hotel or restaurant. Actually toilet is the place of Happiness so if it will neat & clean then you will real satisfaction and happiness but if a toilet were not clean and with bad smell then you will be hesitate to use it and fell unsatisfied.
In your restaurant your foods have to be delicious must as well as your toilet and other place have to must be neat clean otherwise you may lost your client or Guest.

So, you have to keep neat and clean your toilet Section / Sanitation Section all time all moment and it has keep free from bad Smell.

A few days ago I went in a Resort. When I arrived in the resort then I try to observe it and I found a lot of common mistake here. Their reception is absolutely nice but when they come in Toilet to give me hot towel by a Waiter then I become very hesitate because it was really bored to me, why then come in toilet with hot Towel by Waiter? They can arrange a good system of Napkin and they can serve Hot Towel by waiter in the service area of a waiter, but not in Toilet, toilet is not a service area of Waiter.
So, from this point you have to keep in your mind that if you try to Impress your Guest then it very well but to do it be careful don’t make any big mistake like that, Please Keep in your mind that there are Many Kind Of Guest all over the World.

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