Tomato for Health and Heart

Tomato, it is one kind of vegetable and somebody called tomato is fruits. And tomato is a nice food. We eat tomato in many ways like: tomato curry, tomato juice, tomato salad, tomato sauce, tomato with cooked, green tomato etc. Tomato is really a simple vegetable or fruits to many peoples. Yeah, I also agree with you that tomato is simple fruits. But we don’t know the benefits of tomato.  It said by thousands of peoples that tomato is the rich and best fruits (like, Apple) for poor peoples. Because tomato such a cheap and available fruits, which can get everybody easily and tomato has many nutrition facts and its nutritious facts are really indescribable. For being tomato cheap every poor people’s can eat tomato, and as a result they can fulfill their nutritional requirement in their body and health. Tomato has an extra ordinary power to improve your health and heart. Tomato can protect your heart from many fatal heart diseases.

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Tomato for Health and Heart:

Tomato has one kind of vitamin named “Lycopene”, which is help tomato to turn into red color. In a tomato “Lycopene” works as “Anti Oxidant” which is very powerful, even it is powerful more than “Beta Carotene”, which is very important and effective like Tea for a good health and heart.

Tomato Health Benefits:

The benefits of tomato are many, carry tomato, tomato juice, tomato salad, tomato sauce is nice and awesome to eat and it’s has many benefits for your health. And tomato is really wonderful and very effective for your health and heart.
Recently a research shown that tomato has some extra ordinary power to protect many diseases.  Tomato can beatify skin, breast, and protect your lung, stomach, heart even protect you from fatal disease cancer. When “Lycopene” combine with your blood, it works as a magic. Lycopene protect your heart disease by protecting bad blood cholesterol in your body. You will be imagine to hear that if you eat cooked tomato or curry tomato then this protection will be increase in 28%.

So, you can eat tomato in any way, tomato can make your skin nice and soft, make your heart strong and tomato can give you a healthy health.

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