Watermelon in the Summer

Watermelon is one of the best, delicious and healthy foods. But Watermelon can fulfill you the requirement of your cold drinks in the summer season.  Watermelon! Yeah I have got the real test of Watermelon in two days ago. I went to celebrate the bangle New Year festival with my friends and when I feel thirsty very badly I not founding a Glass of water beside me. Then   I have found Watermelon in front me and I have taken some Watermelon to relieve my thirsty. I have make some Photography of Watermelon for publishing in my Food Blog. Watermelon also a healthy fruits all time and delicious and it’s have a good nutrition for the health.

So, I suggest you that if you get thirsty in the summer and if you do not find Water beside you then you can relieve your thirsty by having some Watermelon. Watermelon relieves the requirement of Water or Cold drinks. And you also serve Watermelon to you Guests.

Watermelon is available in Bangladesh with a cheap rate, because in Bangladesh Watermelon cultivation is available.  In every street of Dhaka city and other city of Bangladesh you find the shop beside many streets of many fruits.
So, don’t forget about the Watermelon that can make you fresh, health and can relieve you from thirsty in the summer season.

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