What F&B Department of Hotel Does?

F&B Department is one of the great and most useful departments for any Hotel and Restaurant. There are some different parts or department in a Hotel have. Every F&B department is very important. A Hotel is not be complete or enough to call a hotel if any F&B department is unavailable in a hotel.

There is most important and useful F&B Department/part name below:

How Many F&B department in a Hotel/Restaurant:

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There are about six F&B Department in a hotel have like:

  1. Kitchen-Hot & Cold.
  2. Restaurant- Indian, European, Mughlai, Chinese Cuisines.
  3. Bars- Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic.
  4. Banquet Hall.
  5. Room Service
  6. Outside Catering.

Kitchen for cooking Food:

Kitchen is two kinds like Hot & Cold.
Kitchen is one of the most useful F&B departments where food cooks for the guests.  There are two kind of Kitchen, one use for cooking hot food and another is for cold foods.

Restaurant for serving Foods:

Restaurant is place where food serves to guests. In restaurant, many kinds of foods serve like Indian, European, Mughlai, Chinese Cuisines, American, Frances, Russian foods etc.

Bar for Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverage:

Bar is also an important part of F&B. Bar is such a place where any kinds of Beverage serve to Guests. There are two kind of Beverage like Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic.
Actually, in many Hotel or Restaurant two kind Bar. For Alcoholic Beverage use alcoholic bar and for non-alcoholic beverage use non-alcoholic bar.

Banquet Hall:

Banquet hall is another important F&B department where peoples arrange small and big party.  Actually, without Banquet Hall Hotel or Restaurant is valueless.

Room Service:

Room service is also a department of F&B (Food & Beverage). When someone orders for foods from their room then a department serves the foods, which is ordered by Room Guests.
Therefore, Room service is also a effective Department of F&B.

Outside Catering:

Outside Catering is a most and very important department of F&B, because sometimes guests may order foods from outside of any hotel or restaurant. Then a department should serve those foods by going outside from Hotel or Restaurant.

There are many guests in around the world that she/he wants to throw any party in own home but want to take foods from Hotel or Restaurant and also want that some Waiter will serve the foods in the party. To fulfill the requirement of some guests the Outside Catering department has created.

Food & Beverage (F&B) is an invaluable name to all Hotel and Restaurant. Without F&B department, any restaurant or Hotel cannot be complete.




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