What is Cutting Process?

Cutting process is an way to cutting food or vegetable in different style. A good looking cutting style are really so nice looking and it is delicious to have in your Lunch or in Dinner.
cutting process
Suppose, you cut a potato as a normal style. It is Normal and common matter because majority peoples cut their food in normal and common cutting. But if you do it with a little difference then it will be very nice looking your food and you food get an individual and exclusive style. You may ask How many Cutting Style in Restaurant”?
You may cut your food or vegetable as common cutting in your Home but when you will go to a restaurant then you will expect special things that are better than your home. And it will attract you to see, to have, to test. Because they make difference more than your Home or better than common Food style. So, now think which is better to you?

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