What is Flambe

what is flambe

Flambé is one the important matter in restaurant service. “FLAMBE” is name of one kind of cooking system.

However, this cooking system is not available in many countries but Flambé cooking is very popular in French restaurants.

Maximum peoples do not know about “FLAMBE” and it a big question to thousands of peoples that what is FLAMBE.

Definition of FLAMBE:

FLAMBE is a French word which meaning is “flaming” or “flamed.”

“Flambe stands on “Flam-BAY”. Flambe is a name of one kind of cooking system which cooked in front of the Guest’s in posh French Restaurant using alcoholic liquids such as brandy & liqueurs”.

Flambé is a cooking procedure in which alcohol is added to a hot pan to create a burst of flames.

Alcohol and liquids are the main element of the cooking system and it is very popular to thousands of restaurants in French.

I invited you to get the test of the FLAMBE in anywhere of French, If you get chance then please do not miss the test of flambe.

So, Wish you have got the answer of your question that What is Flambe, Righ?

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