What is Hotel

Many peoples think that Hotel and Restaurant is same place and things. But Hotel and restaurant is not same. Definition of Restaurant and Hotel is also different from each other.
Hotel and Restaurant is relative with each other from its service and both establishment/organization perform Hospitality job. But its definition and work is not same with each other.

What is Hotel?

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Hotel is a place to stay day/night by payment of its rent. Know the proper definition of hotel from below:

Definition of Hotel:

Hotel is such a place where the accommodation system to stay night with the facilities food and beverage is available.
Where the facilities of sleeping accommodation, food and beverage service available and guest/client pay the rent for staying day/night in the room and for taking those facilities is called Hotel.

Hotel has some special quality, and hotel is stands on those quality and point below:

A Hotel is an Establishment:

A Hotel is an establishment, which is established on some point and facilities below:

Held out by a proprietor:

Maximum Hotels are run by some Proprietors. But many Hotels are running by many proprietor, its mean one hotels is running by about 10 to 15 proprietors.

Offering Facilities:

Hotels are always offering many important facilities like Food, Drink, Sleeping Accommodation etc. peoples go to any hotel to spent their night safely.  If you went any far place and if you have no relative there then you will choose to stay in a hotel to stay the day or night.

Without any contract to any traveler:

You can stay in any hotel as long you want. If you want to stay one night, it is okay and if you want to stay more than one night then it also okay. That is mean hotel cannot make any contract with you to stay in the Hotel. Example: Hotel never contract with you that you have to stay 2 or 3 day/night in the Hotel. Hotel gives their facilities without any contract to any traveler.

A hotel is an Enterprise:

A hotel is an Enterprise, which is running with some special ability, performance and options, Like below:

Created by People:

A hotel is created by peoples and for the peoples. Because peoples will be utilized a hotel.

Managed by Skilled peoples:

A hotel cannot run with little skilled or non-skilled persons. Hotels always manage its management and its service with good skilled peoples.

Management and Service:

Hotels are organizing many occasional festivals by order, making good marketing & selling of production and service.

Basically, Hotel is a right place to sleep or stay day/night without self-home and by pay rest to stay their. Moreover, Hotel offers good facilities of Food and beverage and sleeping accommodation by taking money from client/guest.

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