What Is Mise en Place

what is mise en place

Mise-en-Place is one of the great and very important things, part and chapter for F&B service, for any kind of Restaurant.

If anyone interested to get a Job and start business with F&B or Restaurant then he/she has to know about Mise en Place.

About 70% peoples are not aware about Mise en Place and many are don’t know the definition of Mise en Place who involved with F&B Profession or doing job in any Restaurant or in any F&B service department.

Definition of Mise-en-Place:

Mise-en-Place means preparing the Restaurant prior to service.
Basically, “Mise-en-Place refers to prepare the restaurant or F&B department properly to serve the guest and clients.  In order to ensure service and is as smooth as possible”.

This preparation will vary from Restaurant to Restaurant and Country to Country, but in general, the points listed below can used as a comprehensive guide.

You can say that Mise en Place is the great way to Preparing service area.

Preparing Service Area:

Preparing service area is one of the very important parts of Mise-en-Place. To serve any guest, you must have to prepare your service area properly.

However, to prepare your service area you must have to do some work. Like choosing, you service area, cleaning your all equipment, cleaning all useful place, fix table layout etc.

So, if you want to want to build your career with F&B Service, F&B department or in any restaurant or want to start a restaurant or F&B business then you must have proper knowledge about Mise-en-Place. Because Mise-en-Place is very very important for F&B service and for any kind of Restaurant.

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